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27th Mar 2005, 01:34
I noticed some chocolate biscuits on sale recently (Tim Tams) and are advertised as having chilli in them as well. Seems bizare to me but I do enjoy a bit of dark chocolate as well as chilli, but combining the two seems totally foriegn.
Is it a Mexican thing?
I want to try the Tim Tams but the packet will be wasted if I dont like them. Has anyone tried this combo before? :confused:

Onan the Clumsy
27th Mar 2005, 01:36
I thought Tim Tams were from Ozland

27th Mar 2005, 01:45
I thought Tim Tams were from Ozland

Correct Onan. :hmm: Dont they have Choccy and chilli anywhere else? :ooh:

27th Mar 2005, 02:03
I always put a couple of chunks of dark chocolate in my chillies when I make it....adds a bit of extra flavour!! :ok:


27th Mar 2005, 02:04
I believe it originated in South America. Someone gave me a small dark chocolate and chilli bar to try but I didn't really like it ... I'm not very fond of chilli. I've also been told that chilli chocolate chicken is an interesting taste experience.

Onan the Clumsy
27th Mar 2005, 02:11
I like chocolate sandwiches :ok:

27th Mar 2005, 02:29
Chocolate chilli sauce (molé) figures big in Mexican cooking. Here's a recipe (www.pilotguides.com/tv_shows/planet_food/food_guides/mexico/mole_poblano.php) for turkey with chocolate chilli sauce. If anyone tries it, watch the chipotle chilli. They're a tad warm. :E

27th Mar 2005, 03:38
Aye yi yi yiii!
Pigboat: Is it washed down with tequila, beer or cold milk? :uhoh:

Is there a chilli flavour in the chock/chilli mix or is there just the warmth to contend with?

27th Mar 2005, 03:53

'Chocolatl' was consumed in large quantities by the Aztecs as a luxury drink. The Aztec version of this much prized drink was described as 'finely ground, soft, foamy, reddish, bitter with chilli water, aromatic flowers, vanilla and wild bee honey.


27th Mar 2005, 15:11
I was given a small bar of chilli flavour chocolate for my birthday this year. Shared it around at the dinner table, so I didn't get to taste more than a square - but what I had was really good.

Didn't come from Oz as far as I could tell.

27th Mar 2005, 16:00
Don't....whatever you do.....

DUNK one in a mug of Horlicks unless you wana :yuk:

Doesn't seem to fuse all them different tastes!

27th Mar 2005, 16:42
Chocolate as a cocoa "product", by nature, is not sweet. It tastes rather bitter and, for centuries, was blended with other spices (among these: chilli).

27th Mar 2005, 16:52
Chocolate has been mixed with all sorts of other foods. I have a friend from New Mexico and she once did raw cloves of garlic coated in dark chocolate, which was an idea she got from a garlic lovers festival they hold where she lives.

It is an acquired taste and even though I'm a garlic lover, I can't say I enjoyed it at all. :yuk:

27th Mar 2005, 22:52
Well then, seeing as the choc/chilli combo has been around a while I will have to spend a few dollars and try those Tim Tams next time I see them.
That might stop the kids and missus from nicking my treats outa the fridge. :} :E

Dark chocolate with ginger is an old favourite of mine, so the warmth might not be a problem. :8

27th Mar 2005, 23:58
Sprocket, tried the recipe just the once since Mrs. p's taste in Mexican food runs to fajitas and tacos. The sauce is fairly peppery, but I like spicy food so no big deal. Best followed with a Dos Equis Amber. :ok:

28th Mar 2005, 03:35
I put chocolate in my chilli. Have for years. For me the trick is to put just enough in to taste it, but not enough to ID it as chocolate. Sort of enriches the flavor without dominating it.


28th Mar 2005, 07:40
I’m beginning to see what it is all about. You can have a richer chilli dish with a hint of chocolate or you can have a spicy chocolate using a hint of chilli? :cool:

Capt L
28th Mar 2005, 10:13
I've tried the Chilli Tim Tams!!!!!!!!!

The verdict? Fantastic, dark chocolate with just a hint of chilli. Not overpowering or anything, just enough to make your tongue tingle a little bit. Give them a go you wont be disappointed!!!!

28th Mar 2005, 10:49
:ok: I'm in boots an' all then. ;)

Darn, Tim Tams probably wont mix very well with Dos Equis Amber.

:{ Might have to wash it down with the domestic garden variety' cuppa' instead. :(

28th Mar 2005, 12:54
Used to know someone who's Dad was one of those celebrity chef characters and I'm sure I remember him swearing by adding just a touch of chilli powder to any chocolate dish.
Not enough to taste or make it spicy but apparently it enhances the flavour.

Or was it curry powder? One or the other.... experiment at your own risk. :O

28th Mar 2005, 13:05
Unless somebody is prepared to send a huge box of them to me can we STOP TALKING ABOUT TIM TAMS!!!!!!!

I would kill for one right about now.

28th Mar 2005, 15:58
Jerricho I had tim tams recently, for the first time in ages. They were disappointing. Somehow, they just weren't as nice as I remembered them being.

Hold onto that thought. ;)

28th Mar 2005, 16:00
I had some at Christmas - I was a Tim-Tam virgin until then.

Nice, aren't they?

28th Mar 2005, 16:18
Sorry to hear that Stormy.

Maybe I should contact Arnotts and offer to do a taste test for them, if they ship boxed of them to the Peg of course.

29th Mar 2005, 20:55
Jerricho, I think you're seriously hooked!! :ok:

29th Mar 2005, 21:22
:E I have in front of me a packet of Tim Tam Dangerous Liaisons Chilli Choc Fling. :E

Says on the currently unopened packet in black wrapping, its "A warming chilli chocolate cream captured between rich chocolate biscuits & encased within a smooth layer of sweet dark chocolate .... will this brief encounter be the first of many? :E Man what a tease.
It's breakky time here so I won't be opening them until tonight, after dinner of course and the lights will be dimmed with soft music in the background and the missus is away on course.

The love affair begins .... :E

30th Mar 2005, 07:32
Oh God, those chocolate and chilli tim-tams are total food orgasm. Rich, dark, warm and tingly on the tongue... Does food get any better??

The original ones are completely boring, but these... Words are not enough!


30th Mar 2005, 08:14

Arnott's Tim Tam (200g)
Code: 00049
Price: £2.95

Arnott's Tim Tam Fingers (40g)
Code: 00054
Price: £0.95

The Australia Shop (http://www.australiashop.co.uk/) Covent Garden

30th Mar 2005, 14:58
ORAC me old china,

Unfortunately Winnipeg, MB is a little further from Covent Garden than my previous place of residence.

tall and tasty
30th Mar 2005, 15:17

Most good shops have mail services now so they may be able to mail them to you.

If not I would be happy to bag up a box as I know what it is like. My brothers in the US used to have redcross parcels of KitKats sent weekly as they were not the same there and the cravings became too unbearable.

TnT :p

11th Apr 2005, 10:02
Jerricho, they ship worldwide.