View Full Version : Donald Trump

25th Mar 2005, 18:57
Is he sporting a comb over or a ferret?

26th Mar 2005, 02:00
Whatever it is it looks to be bulletproof. :D

I see you've moved. ;)

Our e-mail friend LZ is in the hospital diagnosed with lukemia. He's had two chemo treatments that have gone well. His last biopsy showed clear and he's scheduled for another on Wednesday. If that one's ok, he'll be able to go home. Keep yer fingers crossed.

Atlas Shrugged
29th Mar 2005, 02:02
I often wonder what he would look like on a bad hair day


Onan the Clumsy
29th Mar 2005, 12:54
I would. I'd rather be a normal person than a freak of nature.

Just 'cos he's got money doesn't mean a thing. All you need is enough and the wisdom to figure out what that is.

Doesn't he have one ex-wife who hates him?

so he is pretty normal then

30th Mar 2005, 03:57
I thought it was interesting when some TV git asked his daughter Ivanka, what she thought of her impending step mom? Ivanka announced the she thougt that "This one was a Keeper". "Unbefcukinglievable" I'll bet her real mom was soooo proud.

pants on fire...
30th Mar 2005, 04:25
Trump a business wizard?

More like a magician. A smoke and mirrors wizard perhaps!


This is where Trump buys his hair! (http://www.chichesterinc.com/DavyCrockettHats.htm)