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25th Mar 2005, 18:19
For those outside this North American continent, you may or may not have heard there is a US House of Representatives Committee enquiry into the extent of steroid use in professional baseball (which in itself could be a whole other thread :rolleyes: ). Several big baseball stars have been called to speak in front of the committee regarding their own personal exposure/use (and it seems all bar one have claimed the 5th amendment of the Constitution)

Politics aside, what are people's thoughts on professional athletes using steroids or performance enhancing drugs?

Me, I'm in 2 minds about it. I can see why they are an attractive option, especially given the money that can be earnt by top performing stars in sports around the world. Any edge you can gain may be the straw that brings success. Conversely, the physiological and mental damage these substances can do to the human body really can't be ignored. I used to go to school with a guy who was a real gym freak, and he admitted one day he was taking steroids to get huge. Unfortunately I saw first hand a outburst he had of "Roid rage" in a bar where he nearly ripped somebody's arm off because the had accidently knocked his drink off the table. I just don't know.

Onan the Clumsy
25th Mar 2005, 18:38
We had a thing on the TV about it hear as they were having meetings in the local schools.

After the article on the news, they switched back to the studio to the anchor saying "...and now to Johnny with a round up of all the exciting high school sports"

So who cares what the athletes do, their "records" become meaningless, it's the example they set for those who would follow them.

Jerricho, anyway you could get your MIL to knock over your mate's drink? :E

25th Mar 2005, 19:02
Somebody I knew went on the steroids and despite telling him how bad it was, he went ahead and had an attack of "roid rage" one night in the pub. It took four of us to hold him down. It was a shame because this is a lad who apart from this phase in his life, is one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

Normally he wouldn't harm a fly.

25th Mar 2005, 19:24
She was dancing on the tables again :rolleyes:

25th Mar 2005, 19:49
Why is it that baseball is called onto the carpet when Basketball, Football, Hockey are not?

Roids have many different uses, and not all of them are for strength enhancement. They can also be used to shorten recovery time (think closers in baseball) generall bulking up (Linemen in football, and the hockey goon) or weight loss (basketball)

But as far as roids in sports go, I look at it as two different eras. Pre 88 when steroids were legal, and post 88 when they were made illegal in America.

People say its cheating, and it is NOW because it is illegal, but the arguement that it is not what your body is, is flawed. By the same arguement hitting the weights, using creatine, vitamins etc would be cheating. All of those are legal forms of training. When roids were legal (As when the Pittsburg stealers were all on Roids) that was not cheating.


25th Mar 2005, 20:18
You make a good point Wino. Why is it just baseball that is coming under the spotlight? Up here in the frozen north there have been little mutters of the NHL undertaking a similar thing (under the current "sabbatical" there's not much else for them to do is there?)

Regarding policing "banned substances", given the huge efforts that go into researching new drugs and ways to get around the testing, it does become a never ending cycle. I was involved in a trial in London a couple of years ago when Linford Christie was caught up in the Nandrolone "scandal", which was studying how the natural production of the hormone could be affected by dietary supplements and eating certain foods, the defence used by several high profile sports types who failed the tests . The tests were somewhat inconclusive, with possible links between diet and training regimes combined with dehydration and increased levels in urine.

25th Mar 2005, 21:42
I believe the only reason 'sports' have gotten so big in media attention is that the high visibility suits the convenience of the numerous gambling enterprises that profit from every contest.

And the reason steroids are bad is that their use by individual players tends to support the idea that some games are thus biased or rigged (heaven forbid) to favor a certain team. This discourages the bettors and reduces the take for the bookies... always a bad thing.

West Coast
26th Mar 2005, 06:49
You make a good point Wino. Why is it just baseball that is coming under the spotlight?

Because baseball enjoys certain legal protections that other sports don't, therefore the government believes its within their purview to call them on the carpet.

Howard Hughes
26th Mar 2005, 06:55
As when the Pittsburg stealers were all on Roids

Umm Err, they still are!

As are most players in all football codes across the world.

Legalise them I say! At least then it can be medically controlled and later in life you have a record to present, when attending specialists who wonder why your body is breaking down.

Cheers, HH.


26th Mar 2005, 13:52
See now you get me very interested Westy.

Why is baseball afforded these "protections" and just what are they? Vested interests? Why not other sports.

26th Mar 2005, 15:22
I would like to see an alternate freestyle of sports ,no rules as much dope as you can handle ,genetically modified athletes,as many drugs as the drug/pharmacuticals can produce and you can swallow /inject/wear /blow /insert and lets end the pretense that sport is sporting and none of the human experiments pretending to athletes are clean .
We could call it the Freaking Olympics and companies could sponser openly whatever human experiment they chose .
When my dad was given steroids as part of his cancer treatment we were concerned about the safety of the roids and the Good Doctor assured us that the steroids had been tested on the best athlete's in the world .
If we are to stop experiminting on animals and people are voluntering to become experiments (cheaters to some) why not be entertained by it ,allow it completely in a seperate form of games ,the possibilities for entertainment are many .Two minute mile?Heroin Hurdles? . With the use of Genetic engineering it could give whole new meaning to the three legged race.
Get the cheaters out in the open lets us see how well they could do if all the players had no rules ,I bet the military could sponser a squad of tweekers that might not run fast but could win the staying awake competition.Not to overlook the new sports that the drug companies and accessory companies would invent to sell new products that would benefit humanity or give us a laugh at the freaks .Baseball used to sell a lot of beer why not a new sport to sell a new product .If it does ever happen i would bet the viagra sponsered event will be the most popular on pay -per-view.:ok: :ok:

26th Mar 2005, 16:30
They've already got events like that in the Olympics for marijuana types

It's called synchronized swimming :E

West Coast
26th Mar 2005, 17:33

The link is to a Q&A article about baseball and the anti trust protections it enjoys. It may not answer your baseline question of why it enjoys it and others don't, it doesn't for me.


26th Mar 2005, 17:56
Thanks for the link Westy.

Some years ago, wasn't it widely known the porfessional Bowling (ten-pin, not lawn :p ) circuit was rife with drug use??

West Coast
26th Mar 2005, 20:56
I think the only people on drugs there were the fans who sat and watched it. Now if they were doing beer frames, well then.....

26th Mar 2005, 23:11
The only thing repealing the antitrust exemption would do would be to kill the Minor league system.

Other sports have anti trust as well, its just isn't quite as formal. But if you go build an arena a block from Madison square garden and hire a bunch of basketball players, do you think the NBA is gonna let you play in their league.

The so called anti trust exemption for baseball is a bunch of granstanding hooey by congress. iF they repealed it, teams like the Yankees would make out like bandits, and not have to worry about paying their minor league expenses, (almost half a team budget)