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25th Mar 2005, 15:01
Two different points of view on the same subject :

Le Monde (http://www.lemonde.fr/web/article/0,[email protected],36-630893,0.html)
The Beeb (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4374655.stm)

Strangely, the lists of aristocrats mentionned in both articles differ markedly

For those who do not read French : Ms E. W. (Windsor and Sandrigham) got £ 430 000, Mr C. W. (Cornwall and Highgrove) got £ 215 000 (amounts converted from €, where is Mr angels when you need him)

25th Mar 2005, 15:28
Une chose est sūre : cette affaire ne devrait pas contribuer ą rendre la politique agricole commune plus populaire auprčs du contribuable britannique.

I thought we British were supposed to be the masters of understatement!:rolleyes:

26th Mar 2005, 08:01
............when one of Tony Blair's minister, Dennis Mac Shane, who speaks French fluently and has some clues about French slang and insults, said NO-voters in the Europe Constitution referendum "are neo-CON".

This week poll shows the NO up to 55% of French voters (50% of electorate).

There is no doubt Dennis contribution will make it climb further!

26th Mar 2005, 08:12
I've been called a vieux c*n often enough, nice to be thought of as a neo one for once.

Intersting thought, I can cheerfully write neo-con even though I'm thinking in a French context, but when it comes to writing vieux c*n, I immediately reach for the asterisk.

26th Mar 2005, 09:58
Strangely, the lists of aristocrats mentionned in both articles differ markedly Indeed M. Bre, could this be a case of the BBC exercising a little self-censorship or just that other titled folk were higher up on the pork list?!

What's clear on both sides of the Atlantic is that their distribution is similar. For instance, The Economist this week reports that 70% of subsidies go to just 10% of all U.S. farmers.

Just blame it all on the bureaucrats in Brussels, the inefficient CAP and EU fraudsters. That's what the public want to hear after all. It's more convenient that way for all concerned. At least in Europe, where the biggest farmers and therefore those who tend to receive the largest slices of the cake, tend to have more than their fair share of aristocrats compared to other industries. No way should we call the CAP what it truly is: A handout to the landed gentry... :uhoh:

28th Mar 2005, 04:10
Maybe that rascally Ffrench Pres has finally cracked it.

By stirring up the old controversy over Le Breetish Refund a deal est posseeblur. The UK agrees to stop receiving Le Refund and the feelthy, Euro grubbing continental farmers stop claiming 'farming' subsidies. The Breetish government could even stop paying feelthy, Pound grubbing Breetish farmers for not growing anything on 25% of their land too...

28th Mar 2005, 08:14
....they still get some subsidies to breed their sheeps, at least the black herd.......................