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25th Mar 2005, 00:02
Aliens attack PPRuNe (http://www.netdisaster.com/go.php?url=http://www.pprune.org/forums/&mode=ufo&lang=en)


25th Mar 2005, 00:04
absolutely brilliant!!


Capn Notarious
25th Mar 2005, 00:22
" We will fight them on the beaches"....................

simon brown
25th Mar 2005, 00:26
Excellent, they'll have advertising banners for CPL/ATPLs for intergalactic starships next.

We can have the wannabeees section full of people chasing interviews and getting the lowdown on positions as first officer on vessels flying between the planet Zharg Dublin and Luton, asking questions on rostering and union issues.The technical section will consist of in depth discussions on "anti gravity retardation flap settings on the mobilion 3000 intergalactic cruiser"

Jet blasts most prolific poster Antonius Drapzarg will be posting from a defunct mining planet questioning the liberal attitudes of society on the planet earth.

There will also be the security debate on why green people should be searched and attract more attention of the security services and of course there will be the old and tired debates about speeding spacecraft and why beings whom pilot WMB spacecraft are a much hated species and what right a large slug has to occupy the position of Deputy Galactic Overlord ...bla bla bla

I must say Theakstons old perculiar is a lovely tipple.hic :ok:

25th Mar 2005, 07:49
Are they full of sherbet??

Paranoid Parrot
25th Mar 2005, 08:11
Too many letters after sh cyclic. :p

25th Mar 2005, 09:23
Nicely timed for the release of War of the Worlds..



Standard Noise
25th Mar 2005, 10:40
It's OK polo, Thunderchild will save us!

25th Mar 2005, 16:27
Wonder if Danny is worried about the old "take me too your leader"

25th Mar 2005, 17:12
Maybe he has already gone.

25th Mar 2005, 18:58
Take me to your reader....

Loose rivets
25th Mar 2005, 20:35
Anyone remember the War of the Worlds rock record? Richard Burton narrating I think

25th Mar 2005, 23:17
Loose rivets..

Studied it in school and loved it!!

Hence the mention of ULLA!! and Thunderchild above!

As well as Justin Haywards Forever Autumn..the preacher Nathaniel..

''The chances of anything coming from Mars...''

Cant wait for the movie this year!


26th Mar 2005, 02:40
Anyone remember the War of the Worlds rock record? Richard Burton narrating I think
Still have my special edition copy of that complete with artwork.

No one would have believed ......


Loose rivets
26th Mar 2005, 07:14
Great wasn’t it? While telling my grandson the story I made a really theatrical attempt at the ULLA noise. He dived under the covers and wouldn’t come out for the rest of the story.

Odd, since he was 28 at the time. :D

26th Mar 2005, 14:01

Ackack! Nuck-ack-ack!!!!!!!

(Translation - Take that you luvvie b*stards..........)