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24th Mar 2005, 11:57
I'm sorry to bother you all with this, it's a really sad situation and
I was wondering if anyone has any comments/advice regarding a situation my friend has found herself in....................

Part of her email-
‘Since my late parents death, I've known that I was to inherit my share of their estate. With those proceeds, and after much discussion with my Husband and family, we decided to purchase a motorhome. One of the main reasons is because I am disabled and spend much of my time stuck in the house.

We rent our home from a Housing Trust, and in the house next to ours live a gypsy family who are very loud, noisy and brash. We have had endless problems with them and are unable to enjoy our garden because of the missiles repeatedly thrown over the fence into our garden. We had bought a heated above ground pool which really helped my joint mobility problems, as well as being fun for all the family, but this was ruined by stones, dirt, glass and other objects being constantly hurled over the fence and resulting in the pool continually having to be drained and cleaned. We felt that by getting our own motorhome and having it adapted for my needs, that it would allow me to get out and about and therefore away from all the problems here with the neighbours.

We contacted the Housing Trust in August 2003 and asked if we would be allowed to park a motorhome on our driveway. They emailed us back and told us that they had no objections so long as it was not causing an obstruction. In the meantime we have spent some considerable time searching out the right vehicle for my needs. We are literally on the verge of purchasing the motorhome, having discussed the adaptations with the dealer, and are just waiting for the proceeds of my late parents estate to be finalised before we place the order.

A couple of months ago, I wrote to the Housing Association again and asked if I could foot the bill myself in order to change my front garden fence to create a parking bay for my motability car. They have constantly dragged their heels over replying but today have sent me an email stating that they won't allow me to park a motorhome in the vicinity of my home. I hadn't even asked about the motorhome, only about creating a bay for the car, since they had already given me permission to park the motorhome.

Do you know anyone that knows where I stand legally on this? They have already given me permission to park it, now it seems that they have changed their mind without me even asking them. I am totally gutted as this motorhome would have made a vast difference to my quality of life. Instead I feel like I am being told to stay shut in my box and put up with the hassles from the neighbours.

We have been logging their behaviour with written diaries, photographic evidence, CCTV etc for a number of years now. Each time there is a new problem, we contact the Housing Trust about it, but nothing is ever done. On the occasions where someone from the Housing Trust has visited them, they have either been told to ...er...'go forth....' etc, or else they get friends to say they have witnessed us doing things to them. They have made complaints on dates when we haven't even been here, and I have always told my children never to respond to them or anything they do as they will just do it more.

My own children are now terrified of going out into our own garden, and if they are out there and the neighbours come out, they come in. My youngest walks a different way to school rather than walk past the neighbours house. I wrote to my MP recently but other than passing my letters onto the relevant party at the Housing Trust with a covering letter of his own, he wasn't really much help. After three letters between us, he told me to write direct to the person concerned!’

I would love to be able to help her, can anyone offer any advice ?


24th Mar 2005, 17:48
Has she tried contacting her local council's environmental department? I believe they can take action against nuisance neighbours. The Citizens Advice Bureau might be able to help...and there's always Flying Lawyer who visits PPRuNe providing useful legal thoughts every now and again. It might be worth dropping him a PM.

Good luck to your friend, it sounds like a horrible situation to be in.