View Full Version : America is taking over Germany by stealth

23rd Mar 2005, 18:28
Is THIS (http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_1248811.html?menu=news.quirkies.badtaste) a new way to takeover a country, should be cheaper than a war I suppose

Onan the Clumsy
23rd Mar 2005, 18:44
if we caught them red handed Not a chance. Brown handed maybe... :ugh:

23rd Mar 2005, 19:14
Legal experts say there is no law against using faeces as a flag stand

Is that the same as using faeces for a presidents brain? :E

Krystal n chips
23rd Mar 2005, 19:19
Jerricho !!-----Go and wash your mouth out -----you should know by now that faeces are bio-degradable and can be recycled for the benefit of the planet ----think about it !:ok:

23rd Mar 2005, 21:53
I must say I quite like the idea. The best thing about it is the person wont be prosecuted - I suppose he/she can stick whatever he/she wants into that dog $hit.

Er, what happens to the flags once the faeces have bio-degraded?

(On a serious note: To make it clear: Im not against Americans - its the general idea behind that silent protest I like, be it American or German or Burkina Fasoian flags.)

Buster Hyman
24th Mar 2005, 01:37
...I just had this mental image of an Alsatian wearing a balaclava & carrying a bag full of US flags sneaking around dark alleys!

Will they get Inspector Rex onto the case?

24th Mar 2005, 07:30
Overheard at a CIA meeting on taking over Germany: " Yeah we're gonna get the little shits one at a time"......