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Onan the Clumsy
23rd Mar 2005, 13:14
Understandable I suppose that you have to have some standardisation in education across a state, and obvious I suppose that to ensure standardisation is in effect that you would have to provide a uniform test .

Texas did that when they introduced the TAAS (Texas Assessment of Academic Skills?) test that they have recently replaced with another one, who's initials, not having children, remain unknown to me. (TACS or something).

Well of course the obvious, unintended consequences have occured and, if stories are to be believed, most of the academic year is spent not learning a curriculum, but studying for the test.

Everything it seems is predicated on the test, much like the old Eleven Plus I suppose. Everything, including funding, oh and bonuses for principals and school administrators.

So now the state are looking into sudden and dramatic rises in test scores and are discovering widespread cheating, but by the adults, not the children.

Unfortunately, not having studied a proper curiculum, I don't have a final paragraph to tie my confused thoughts together.

Loose rivets
27th Mar 2005, 06:37
Unfortunately, not having studied a proper curriculum, I don't have a final paragraph to tie my confused thoughts together.

As another Brit here, I can say that you are not alone. I was at dinner with a high-school teacher the other night, and he was as perplexed as me…and more than a little upset at the potential dangers of such a forced system.

To be quite honest, I’m more concerned with the huge portion of my property tax that goes towards schools. Where does it all go?

At the risk of going into BOFy mode, I recall teachers in post war Britain paying for pencils for their students cos there was no money available. Somehow, in real terms, they gave us a remarkably good ‘education’ in learning how to think for ourselves.

28th Mar 2005, 14:46


3rd Apr 2005, 06:08
Sorry if it seems I'm a touch behind the drag curve, this one caught my eye.

Thought it was some spam scheme to test former Soviet bombers on spotty youths.

Should have spotted the lack of a capital letter.

Pity though. Liked my first thought.

4th Apr 2005, 14:58
Me too.

I thought this was a novel way to examine the performance of car exhaust systems.