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23rd Mar 2005, 02:52
I was wondering if anyone can give me a little advice.

My wife has just inherited her fathers home in england (which is to be sold) and has now been told by the executor that an approach has been made by the authorities for the payment of poll tax.

Thing is as we are foreign nationals living outside england why should we be paying a "Poll" Tax?

23rd Mar 2005, 05:52
You can't call it Poll Tax!

Thatcher nearly came to an even earlier demise for using the phrase "Poll Tax".

Now they call it Council Tax, which is, in cost terms, almost exactly the same thing. This con is, apparently, much more acceptable to the plebian masses.

It is very expensive and rises each year at double, treble, or even more times the rate of inflation.

It pays for Local Council employees to take ages to do shoddy work and provide rubbish services (and rubbish services), salaries, pensions and guaranteed jobs for life.

:mad: :mad: :mad:

Sorry, what was the question?

PS -- Don't think vacant properties are liable for Poll......err....Council Tax.

Boss Raptor
23rd Mar 2005, 06:38
Empty properties are due Council Tax at standard rate (-25% single person occupancy discount I presume) - you are only exempt if the house is deemed/certified uninhabitable i.e. due to building work or dereliction and then only for a maximum period of 1 years grace - been all through this recently with my house whilst empty and under renovation for 2 years

23rd Mar 2005, 06:46
There was "poll" tax which was a fixed rate levy on each adult in the country and was abolished many years BUT there are still some councils who are pursuing unpaid "poll" tax. Is it this scenario?

Council tax is based on the value of your property is 1991 in bands and there is a 25 single occupancy discount and, I believe, 50% discount if the place is empty.

Are they trying to collect unpaid tax from your grandfather or tax after you've inherited it. Either way, it is probably due; it is just the amount payable that would be in dispute.



23rd Mar 2005, 06:46

Certain council's will also give you a full exemption for 6 months provided that the property is unoccupied and totally unfurnished.

My house is presently on the market, and I've just applied for, and been given this exemption.

which town in England is the property in?

23rd Mar 2005, 09:26
Local authorities have the power to set their own "empty" rate now. Mine did away with this last year, so if you have a house that is empty and awaiting probate, after six months of no Council Tax you then have to pay 90% of the full rate.

I'm a little surprised the executor is asking you to pay the Council Tax though, if ownership of the property hasn't yet passed to your wife. I thought the executor would be responsible for dealing with this (and the water rates, and insurance of the property, etc) until probate is granted and the property registered in your wife's name.

Boss Raptor
23rd Mar 2005, 10:47
Very simply the executor has to pay the outstanding Council Tax out of the estate right up to the point the property is transferred iaw. the will (i.e. after probate) - however they can/should notify the Council concerned of the circumstance so that an eventual one off payment can be made when the estate is finally dealt with - I would think it unlikely they would expect to be paid monthly whilst the estate is in probate (as no one can pay them from the estate or is responsible except the deceased estate which is not yet formally released)...but who knows with these money grabbing parasites :confused:

Use of the incorrect term 'Poll Tax' has clouded the issue somewhat it seems

PS. in my recent experience even with a valid will and absolutely no complications probate office takes 6-8 months to deal with the application

Devlin Carnet
23rd Mar 2005, 11:54
"It pays for Local Council employees to take ages to do shoddy work and provide rubbish services (and rubbish services), salaries, pensions and guaranteed jobs for life."

Acbus, Sounds like you know my local council :ok:

Burnt Fishtrousers
23rd Mar 2005, 12:20
Its a shame the council dont apply the same ruthless efficiency when it comes to providing services and filling potholes in the road

24th Mar 2005, 02:03
So maybe the name is wrong but how can they charge a person in a different country for a service they haven't provided?

What can they do if I just sell the property and tell them to **** off.

16 blades
24th Mar 2005, 02:49
If it relates to unpaid council / poll tax from the past, you cannot be forced to pay it. It is a similar situation to unpaid debts - if you die, your debts die with you (if they are solely in your name) - your family or beneficiaries (even your spouse) are NOT liable for outstanding debts after you die. This, however, does not stop banks, finance companies, or even councils, trying to bully people into paying up.

Personally, I would sell the house and tell them to shove their bill up their @rse - it is not your debt, after all - debts cannot be inherited. And since you (presumably) live outside the UK and (presumably) are not a British Subject, there is cock-all they can do about it. (it wont stop them trying, though)


Loose rivets
24th Mar 2005, 05:16
Doubtful that the executors will play ball. If they are of the old school, all the debts will be paid before they hand over the spondulicks. (A technical term)

we applied for, and were granted, the right to handle our own affairs some time ago. Three serious gentlemen--from I think, Midland bank--came and interviewed us before handing over.

24th Mar 2005, 06:57
......how can they charge a person in a different country for a service they haven't provided?
Same way they charge the people of the UK for a service they have'nt provided. :mad:

Welcome to the mindset of Local and National Government in the UK. :{

.....and the BBC.

.....and the DVLA.

......and....:mad: :mad: :mad:

24th Mar 2005, 09:46
The executor is the sister in law and she is expecting half the proceeds even though it was all left to my wife (no problems with that things should have been arranged that way but the FIL had unresolved grudges with her boyfriend). So perhaps we may say stick your bill.