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22nd Mar 2005, 14:52
GNER have retained the franchise to run the East Coast Main Line 7 years, for another 10 with good performance


22nd Mar 2005, 14:54
And 4 years if the service doesn't change? :rolleyes:

22nd Mar 2005, 14:57
Are you saying that this a good thing ?

It seems that some of the major train operators are reluctant to bid these days on routes which they have no familiarity with.

Fingers burnt ? No more subsidies ?

Hardly a clear, level playing field is it ?

So, much easier to have the same old operating company doing the same old thing. Saves on paperwork for sure.

Have they got any new more realistic targets in terms of what a passenger (sorry customer) wants ?

One doubts it.

Jordan D
22nd Mar 2005, 18:43
I don't know - I'm quite contented with GNER and their service (I travel regularly London-Edinburgh and also occasionally Edinburgh-Durham), and not had many problems (within tolerance).

I just hope that they don't build the parkway station in Hadley Wood/M25 area, as that's on my doorstep, literally, and there are better places for it.


22nd Mar 2005, 20:58
Good for GNER

Thank God Virgin didn't get it

All we need now is for GNER to take over Virgin Rail then maybe we will finally start to get the railway we deserve.

PS : Massive Industry p*ss-up in York this week to celebrate Virgin losing! All welcome

Shaggy Sheep Driver
22nd Mar 2005, 22:58
GNER are one of the better TOCs, both for punctuality and quality of service. It's good to see them retaining the franchise, especially in the face of competition from the awful Virgin (who I have to suffer on the WCML) - such a contrast to te airline of the same name) and Stagecoach (pretty apt name for a bunch of cowboys).

Pity Anglia, also a top notch TOC, missed out to 'One' on the renewal of the East Anglian Franchise.


Jelly Baby Freak
23rd Mar 2005, 21:49
OK so I renamed GNER as ‘Generally Non Existent Railways’ after booking my trip from Leicester to Edinburgh the other weekend, so that I could get to my destination on Saturday in time to meet friends for dinner, with the intention of starting a relaxing weekend culminating in watching Sunday’s 6 Nations rugby match, Scotland v. Wales.
When I booked my ticket on the net, no mention was made of extensive rail maintenance.
My journey of just over 5 hours was scheduled as Leicester to Sheffield on LMS, change trains to Virgin, Sheffield to Newcastle, GNER to Edinburgh easy!
What did I get? Leicester to Sheffield, Sheffield terminating at York and the offer of a 5-hour bus to Newcastle! I queried this in York and was told it was due to maintenance. I walked to the bus where the driver advised me to get the next train to Darlington, then a bus to Newcastle as it would be a lot quicker.
This I did and eventually arrived in Edinburgh an hour and twenty minutes later than scheduled.
GNER?? Think I’ll fly next time! :{

23rd Mar 2005, 22:15
GNER were a great improvement after privatisation, mainly good service and generally on time. I believed that they deserved to continue although it seems they paid through the nose for the priviledge...

23rd Mar 2005, 22:36
Filthy trains though! There are massive differences in the quality and serviceability of the 'high-speed' trains working the East Coast Main Line.

I appreciate that it takes time to change the fleet over to the new trains, but it has been years now, and there is no excuse for the disgusting state of most of the ones I've been on recently.


23rd Mar 2005, 23:18
The closure of the railway is nothing to do with GNER.

Your complaint is better targetted at Network Rail who control the track access, and the Association Of Train Operating Companies who operate the national rail enquiry service.

I notice also that your journey did not involve GNER until Newcastle and that others were responsible for delaying your arrival there. So why slag of GNER who appear to have no involvement in your journey to Newcastle?

I presume your actual GNER journey to Edinburgh was OK?

SirToppamHat You seem to have had an unusually bad run of luck? Depending upon when you travelled recently would depend on cleanliness as train exteriors are not washed during snow or frost for obvious reasons.

Your comment on cleanliness does not sit well with my regular experiences of GNER. I would also point out that passengers make trains dirty !

If you want to see real dirt and unclealiness try Virgin West Coast London to Birmingham services !

Jordan D
24th Mar 2005, 03:43
The GNER trains (even their older ones) tend to be very clean ... and as for their new Mallards - frankly some of the best seats I've sat in, and so very clean. Plus WiFi access. Superb

In fact I'm travelling them tomorrow morning.


Jelly Baby Freak
25th Mar 2005, 16:37
My journey to Edinburgh was eventually on Virgin from Newcastle! It was OK thanks.

Post was meant to be a bit tongue in cheek you know

25th Mar 2005, 23:42

But why pick on GNER who would only have been at the tail-end of your journey?

Seemed strange at the time and now even stranger after you let us know that you never travelled GNER at all

Of the privatised operators it ranks amongst the best.

There was a serious concern amongst the Industry as well as the travelling public that the Bearded One could have got his dirty little hands on it, in return for favours previously granted and not reurned, and previous disappointments.

26th Mar 2005, 18:02
GNER really are one of the better train operating companies and I am glad that for once, a sensible franchise renewal has happened.

Re Jelly Babys travel problem, train operating companies all publish details of engineering work that affects them on their websites

GNER (http://www.gner.co.uk/GNER/Traintimes/TimetableAlterations.htm)
Virgin (http://www.virgintrains.co.uk/default.aspx)

So the lesson is, check before you travel