View Full Version : 10 free tickets to Malaga!!

Big Piston head
22nd Mar 2005, 14:16
Yes this is real it came on my email today however it doesn't apply to me as I'm going end of the month, spoke to Philip and its from May.
CPL IR/ME Summer Promotion
10 Free Tickets to Malaga
Come visit our Instructors, Facilities, and Planes in beautiful Andalusia.
Departure from BCT Kemble Airfield
Bookings; Philip 07867584751
No Commitment

22nd Mar 2005, 14:56
Big Piston Head, I'm quite interested do you have the website or an e-mail address so i can find out more info about the organisation?

Big Piston head
22nd Mar 2005, 15:18
www.aerodynamics-malaga.com or www.bctair.com. For info regarding the tickets try [email protected]<hidden> or just phone the number above. Good luck might see you there should have my base tan by then!

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