View Full Version : Now I really have seen everything !

22nd Mar 2005, 11:38
The mind boggles (http://www.jeanettestaxidermy.com/pet_pillows.html)

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Mar 2005, 11:40
Standby, standby...... incoming pussy jokes... :p

Standard Noise
22nd Mar 2005, 11:40
Wossat phrase - only in America!?:rolleyes: Mind you, wonder if they do hippos, well, it's one way of remembering the MIL.:E

tall and tasty
22nd Mar 2005, 11:42
Standard Noise

You beat me to it

That is just so :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

next you will be able to do the mother-in-law!!! opps just realised you said that too!!

TnT :p

22nd Mar 2005, 13:19
Mind you, wonder if they do hippos, well, it's one way of remembering the MIL.

SN and TNT I think we're in for a new business venture there, it's certainly one way to get your own back!

22nd Mar 2005, 13:22
"His mind kept straying to new and savage advances in the the art of taxidermy."

22nd Mar 2005, 13:28
next you will be able to do the mother-in-law

Can I do it while she's alive?

tony draper
22nd Mar 2005, 13:30
I keep telling yers our civilization is doomed, all the signs are there.

22nd Mar 2005, 13:33
I think it already is Tones. I'm sure some aliens are sitting there with their big telescope somewhere not too far away (like what you do with your neighbours through their windows), watching what we do. And they're pissing themselves laughing "Hey, look what those dummies are doing today"

Orange Arm Waver
22nd Mar 2005, 13:42
Almost as bad as people paying for terminally ill people to remember messages to pass on to the loved ones of those who are paying that have already died!!!!!!:rolleyes:

I know of at least one person here that would seriously consider a pet cushion...:uhoh:

22nd Mar 2005, 13:46
We could make an invisible one as well :E

22nd Mar 2005, 13:58
Jeanette looks pretty good for erm, stuffing :}

22nd Mar 2005, 13:59
Hey your right Yint.

Tones will probably agree, there's something very alluring about a lady with a rifle slung over her shoulder.

Onan the Clumsy
22nd Mar 2005, 14:02
I have been to at least two estate sales wher I thought I saw a cat curled up sleeping on a chair, but it turned out to be a taxidermist's version. Quite spooky.

There's a little bit of me that can understand this, but it's overshadowed by the remaining 99% of me that is repulsed.

Jerricho how long have you bee harbouring these secret thoughts about "stuffing" your MIL :E

22nd Mar 2005, 14:31
If by stuffing you mean a .44 hollow point shell through her head, then yes, it has been some time now.

Standard Noise
22nd Mar 2005, 15:41
Just to bring the tone down a bit.................

The MIL once asked if I'd pour a bottle of Black Bush on her grave when she's gone. I replied that it could be arranged, but I'd have to filter it through me liver first!:cool: