View Full Version : Trabant drivers, what are they all about then?

21st Mar 2005, 22:15
Discuss, if you please.:8:zzz: :zzz: :hmm: :}

21st Mar 2005, 22:23
Is that the official car of TRRBATPSOIT????

Capn Notarious
21st Mar 2005, 22:47
It is certainly an individual amongst cars. No doubt some automotive genius has produced one with an unexpected speed.
Though I doubt you'll hear. Mr Shoemaker your F1 Trabant.

22nd Mar 2005, 01:51
Guarantee if you park one next to a BMW it'll get a lot more attention than its western counterpart......:)

22nd Mar 2005, 12:21
Yes, probably from the local council due to the various fluids which will inevitably be leaking from it!:}

22nd Mar 2005, 13:24
I remember driving along the A2 autobahn near Hannover on 11th Nov 1989. It was the day after the Wall came down and every other car was a Trabi filled with very happy East Germans coming to visit their family members from the West. The West Germans were throwing flowers from bridges...all in all it was an amazing day and one of those moments when you realised you were playing witness to a historical event.

Fans of the rock group U2 might have seen them in concert on their Zoo TV tour in the early 90s. The stage set was one of the most impressive things I've ever seen, especially when they lowered a couple of Trabants down headlights first and rocking in time to the beat...excellent stuff!!

Burnt Fishtrousers
23rd Mar 2005, 20:14
Trabant drivers, what are they all about then?

er.. about people who drive Trabants........

Of course if this was an Open University question one could do an in depth analysis into the socio/political aspects of pigeon holing a sector of society invariably from underdeveloped/emerging industrial post war economy with a view to examining the environmental impact of their choice of vehicle and what they actually do with it

...Or stupid tossers that collect them...probably to use as lawnmowers, or a kennel for their small yappy dog