View Full Version : When I die, I want to be remembered as a...............

21st Mar 2005, 20:55
Not that I'm very proud of myself at the amount I had to drink last night (it just happened), but at 8 o'clock this morning I truely thought I was going to die.

It got me to thinking how would people like to be remembered by others when they pass on to the great JB Hall in the sky (or whatever personal beliefs you have regarding afterlife and stuff)

Me, I think I would like to be remembered as having a great (if not a little warped) sense of humour. Oh, and having a huge penis. ;) :E

21st Mar 2005, 21:06
I want to be remembered for my charity work, my No1 record, marrying Andrea Corr, Oh and the big P*nis!!!!

I can sense a theme coming on!!!

Four Seven Eleven
21st Mar 2005, 21:13
Unfortunately I am probably going to be remembered as having a great (if not a little warped) penis. Oh, and having a huge sense of humour .

tony draper
21st Mar 2005, 21:24
If one recals correctly Jerricho was destroyed by a chap with large trumpet and a small clipped willy.

21st Mar 2005, 21:25
Them walls and I bare no correlation.

tony draper
21st Mar 2005, 21:37
One got a mug at the Queens correlation, still gorrit somewhere.

21st Mar 2005, 21:43
As having a huge sense of humour and a warped penis.

21st Mar 2005, 21:45
You sure you don't mean a huge sense of warped and a humour penis.

21st Mar 2005, 21:51
When I die, I want to be remembered as...

...living proof of reincarnation. Preferably not as a flamin mole.

Biggles Flies Undone
21st Mar 2005, 22:31
If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I'd like to come back as Robbie William's index finger :E

Capn Notarious
21st Mar 2005, 22:41
I'd like to be remembered as one who endured a lot of spite. But was superior to throwing more back and increasing the overall size of the spite mass.

21st Mar 2005, 22:56
Robbie Williams' index finger? :confused: :confused:

21st Mar 2005, 23:30
Well, usually the ladies take one look and laugh.

21st Mar 2005, 23:35
You'd want to be careful what you wish for there, Biggles...
I reckon as Robbie Williams index finger you'd find yourself in 'the sh!t' more times than you care to imagine.

Buster Hyman
22nd Mar 2005, 02:06
I'd like to be remembered for anything OTHER than my large mutton dagger!

22nd Mar 2005, 03:47
The man who was (eventually) shagged to death by Angelina Jolie (after many unsuccessful attempts by Salma Hayek).

Tombstone verbatim.

22nd Mar 2005, 05:57
Hey, bro' Jerricho:

We already think of you as a huge pen1s.


22nd Mar 2005, 08:47
I want to be remembered for what I gave the dame. To my eternal embarrassment everyone remembers the little boy who lived down the lane, but its the dame who still has the smile on her face... :ouch:

22nd Mar 2005, 11:48
As an indistinct but rather spiteful thing somewhere out there in / on the internet, which is an angel for some but nemesis to the descendants of certain other folks - for a thousand generations to come. An obitobot, with a virtual obelisk par none.

22nd Mar 2005, 11:56
:confused: :confused: :confused:

Hey, it's Tuesday night. I'm supposed to be the one making incomprehensible posts here..... :bored:

Turbine Cowboy
22nd Mar 2005, 12:01
A huge penis with no sense of humour:E

22nd Mar 2005, 12:24
Id like to be remembered as the 2006 world superbike champion.

Oh, and also for being, apparently, the only member of PPRuNe able to spot when a penis joke is spent.


Standard Noise
22nd Mar 2005, 12:27
Looks like I'll have to settle for having a huge sense of humour then.......................oh and the only man to really annoy his boss everywhere he worked.:E

tall and tasty
22nd Mar 2005, 12:28
For making a difference how ever big or small in someone's/anyone's life

Making people laugh when it all goes wrong

TnT ;)

22nd Mar 2005, 12:36
...the anonymous person who first said "the penis mightier than the sword" then giggled at putting in an unintended space.....

22nd Mar 2005, 12:49
Somebody with a missionin life, who gave lots of 'apenis :E to the women in his life.

22nd Mar 2005, 13:47
The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo. (And nobody cared how big....)

22nd Mar 2005, 13:51
Simply as someone who provided a good chuckle to many. I suspect that goal has been well attained several times over !

22nd Mar 2005, 13:53
I want to be remembered for making love, ends meet and people laugh:ok:

22nd Mar 2005, 14:22
...biped with many more vices than is fair, all of which I controlled to my very last breath, thereby protecting mankind from all manner of minor and major calamities. In fact, I'd prefer not to be remembered at all really. Like a stray cat, I'd find a quiet corner somewhere and just slip away. Of course, if anyone has a fond memory or 2 of a stray cat, I can't help that...

22nd Mar 2005, 14:27
Very inspired Airship. Very.