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21st Mar 2005, 16:09
UK 2CV club (http://www.2cvgb.co.uk/)
2CV racing (http://www.2cvracing.co.uk/)


Try to do that with a beemer or a merc
:E :E

21st Mar 2005, 16:18
Excuse me Mr Bre ,
but what is wrong with our wonderful Seats?

21st Mar 2005, 16:25
IB4138 what is wrong with our wonderful Seats
Nada seŮor.
I was merely reacting to the three or four threads wasting bandwidth about motor cars.
How come no one has started a Volvo thread yet ?

21st Mar 2005, 16:26
Cause no server is big enough to handle THAT thread.

Standard Noise
21st Mar 2005, 16:38
No point starting a Volvo thread, you'd get no replies. No one in their right mind would own up to driving a Volvo!

21st Mar 2005, 17:27
Oh dear, well here I go! PPRuNe suicide..... I always said that if there was one make of car I would never, NEVER own it would be a V****. Now I've got a T5R and, given how cars last in this climate (eat your hearts out!), I'm sure to have it for many years to come. It goes like S*** though!
Please be kind to me.

21st Mar 2005, 17:50

You could drive it to the ferry terminal and try to drive on the ferry when the ramp is up....SPLASH!

Oh dear!:E

21st Mar 2005, 17:53
Aaaaah, the 2CV! Wasnīt there a competition in the late 60s that whoever managed to turn a 2CV upside down while driving, would be given 1000 bucks (of whatever currency, propably old French Francs) by Citroen?

Yes, it was almost impossible to get a 2CV off its wheels.

Ok., my first and last contribution to a car thread.

Onan the Clumsy
21st Mar 2005, 18:40
Let's face it, they ruined the 2CV once they...

(1) went away from the three bolt pattern on the wheels

(2) turned the round headlights square

(3) made the roof out of metal instead of canvas

(4) applied that hideous swirly paint job :yuk: (instead of plain grey)

and most importantly

(5) made it so you can't pull the seats out when you stop for a roadside pique nique.


The Invisible Cat
21st Mar 2005, 18:40
Herr Hopper

Thanks for bringing this thread on track again.

I heard that story too, but the only reference I could find tonight is an ad saying "Si vous parvenez ŗ la retourner, CitroŽn vous la rembourse." (if you manage to turn it upside down, Citroen refunds you) link (in French) (http://www.ciao.fr/2_CV__Avis_257767)

IIRC the thing had to take place on a soccer field.

21st Mar 2005, 19:53
anyone know anyore about the flying 2CV in the top picture??

Looks fun.

21st Mar 2005, 19:56
Isn't owning a 2CV like having sex with your hot cousin.

Sure, it's great fun, but when everybody finds out...............

21st Mar 2005, 20:20
There's a comment to be made here about relative humidity, but I'm not touching it. :}

21st Mar 2005, 23:17
M. Bre might be interested that I still see one of those fancy cousins* of the 2CV puttering along the road in a posh neighborhood near me (in the USA). It's in beautiful condition, but only seems to venture out a few times a year on weekends.


* Upon reconsideration I'd guess it was just one of the later true 2CVs.

21st Mar 2005, 23:39
I thought it was designed for Ffrench farmers to take their MIL and the pig to market? Jerricho should have one. (The sheep can go in the Benz)

22nd Mar 2005, 08:03
Blacksheep Ffrench ffarmersAre you Welsh, per chance ?

22nd Mar 2005, 08:20
A rare RWD 2CV, Porsche Design


My personal huggable French car was the Renault 4 though, much more practicable.

22nd Mar 2005, 08:38
Capt.KAOSA rare RWD 2CV, Porsche Design
I beg to differ, it's the famous twin-engined 4WD 2CV Sahara (http://www.cats-citroen.net/citroen_2cv/2cv_history_sahara.html)

... Renault 4 though, much more practicable.I second that. Although my 1st car was a CitroŽn Ami 6 break (which didn't last long because of an oil leak), I owned (or shared ownership in) 4 Renault 4s, the last one being a 4F6 (long van) equiped as a micro-camper.

22nd Mar 2005, 10:52
I owned a 2CV4 for many years, beautiful car!.


T'was the 357 CC version with round headlights but proper wiper motor instead of the speedo driven wipers.

Always wanted, but never owned, a 2CV Cambriolette, the best status symbol around.
Cool, man!:cool:


22nd Mar 2005, 12:29
2CVs - great fun :) I learned to drive pre-licence age in a Land Rover, then finished off the licence in the family's 2CV, named The Bluebottle. Scared the living daylights out of the instructor when we cornered, and I don't think it was just my skills.......

22nd Mar 2005, 13:37
Thanks for the additional info Bre901, guess I should have looked at it from the other side as well ;) .

Must admit I owned an Ami 6 for a short while, had to part form it however, due to severe sea sickness symptoms while driving the vehicle.

22nd Mar 2005, 13:38
MIL and the pig to market

That's not fair on the pig

22nd Mar 2005, 14:33

Oeps, sorry Bre :eek: :uhoh:

22nd Mar 2005, 16:08
No need to apologise, Mijnheer IFTB, it's not the one I owned, it had a huge hippo on the bonnet

Boss Raptor
22nd Mar 2005, 16:38
How can we forget the sort of militarised one - the 'Mehari' (I think) was certainly being used by the French military in Djibouti in the 80's - a fun if bouncy ride to the bar


22nd Mar 2005, 18:07
There was a fellow in one particular Paris 'arrondisement' who used to go around setting fire to 'Meharis' late at night.

The police psychologist theorised that he had been jilted or perhaps beaten up by a woman who owned a Mehari.

As far as I know he was never caught. Does anyone here have something they would like to get off their chest or chests?

22nd Mar 2005, 19:12
Had a 2CV from 1988 until the rust caused by our salty air killed it some time in 1995.

Starting Handle was useful if you had a flat battery no messing with Jump Leads!

spitfires rule
23rd Mar 2005, 00:02
Good one Jerricho:ok: :E :p :O

surely not
23rd Mar 2005, 08:02
I had a bog standard 2CV6 as our first car when Mrs SN and I got married. Bought from new it did brillaint service for approx 65,000 miles until it caught fire whilst I was driving home from work! The mechanic had tightened the handbrake too much at the service about 2,000 miles before and as such it was difficult to ensure it was fully off. It wasn't and I had to stand by and watch as she slowly burned out :{
To make matters worse I had T cut it not 2 weeks before and it was shining like new.

A great car which gave hours of fun to many passengers and myself. I used to drive to West Wales quite a lot and the journey time was different depending on whether we had a head wind or tail wind!

Burnt Fishtrousers
23rd Mar 2005, 10:33
I don't give a [email protected] about your big fat ugly german cars - 2CV rules

sorry to bother you whilst eating your lentil salad and marking the kids homework, but ive noticed the "Nuclear Power- No Thanks!" sticker has fallen out of the back window of your ugly upturned corrigated pram;) :ok:

My pig ugly 140,000 mile German car still drives like new...

Had an old BX once and that went on for ever .....

23rd Mar 2005, 12:54
Had an old BX once and that went on for ever .....

Tweren't the one I sold then.

23rd Mar 2005, 13:50
and was made in Linwood/beside Glasgow airport?

23rd Mar 2005, 14:23
OK then, and how much will the prize set me back? (*

(*seeing he's from Aberdeen)