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21st Mar 2005, 14:31

Anyone know where I can find a definition of cohabiting anywhere? I have been recently stiched by the courts to pay a healthy sum of money each month to my ex-wife, it is purely maintenance to her and not to her child from a previous relationship.

She has been seeing her new bloke for some time now, and I am convinced he has moved in! According to the consent order produced, I stop paying when she has someone cohabiting for 3 months or more!

A private investigator is expensive.... talking a few grand, which I don't have because of the amount I am forking out at the moment.

Under the FOI act, can I find out if they have a joint bank account together? Sure, it would be privaledged info to know what the balance was, but just to know if an account exists is fair?

Grateful for any help.....


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