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21st Mar 2005, 13:49
tis the fiance' to be's birthday next week and her first birthday with me. i'm stuck for idea's. thinking of doing something to make it a day to remember. my creative endeavours have so far bore out a pretty tame dinner for 2 with presentation of a diamond ring i brought off the net on the cheap after.

what have others done to reward themselves with a memory that she held onto and treasured?

tall and tasty
21st Mar 2005, 13:56
Balloon trip or a weekend break to one of the Romantic cities in Europe.

Have friends who have done both and loved them or go to one of the Châteaux’s in France's Loire/Scottish Castles for a memory to last for a lifetime.

Obviously does depend on where you live and the budget you are going for.

or something white knuckling so she will remember it in a completely different way


21st Mar 2005, 13:59
We think alike, T&T ... I was also about to suggest a balloon trip. :ok:

21st Mar 2005, 14:29
A trip to Paris scores high on the 'impress-o-meter' for the women at least.

London Eye - A private booth - you can christen it too if you're v v quick (40 mins 'round trip wasn't long enough for moi) :p

To be honest, I'd try to make it a weekend away, Ryanair/Easyjet usually comes up trumps - just avoid the ones where the airport is in the middle of nowhere. Dublin is great if she's never been. To get the

The balloon trip is a great idea too - the only proviso is that it's very weather dependant. The UK's weather won't be great next week (and it'll be freezing early morn or in the evening).

Being 120% honest, if it was me I'd make them 2 events. Firstly give her a birthday to remember, then a month or two later I'd propose on bended knee like she's rehearsed 101 times in her head.

:ok: Whatever you do - good luck!

21st Mar 2005, 14:58
Watch out for Sunrise balloons. Anyone else read GASCO?

21st Mar 2005, 16:47
Weekend in Rome and propose in front of the Trevi fountain or on the spanish steps, beautiful city and dead romantic! Less predictable than Paris as well, let us know how it goes.

21st Mar 2005, 17:36
Definitely a surprise, and probably the world's best recovery!

Monday morning at work, Singapore early eighties. Telephone call from wife's best friend - 'Don’t forget its wifies birthday on Thursday'.

Of course I won't forget. Same telephone call on Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday comes around and breakfast with wife was 'tense'. Thirty minutes later telephone rings at work 'You didn't forget did you?'

Omigawd! Panic. Plan hatches. Call friend, captain of VIP Gulfstream ll in the next hangar. Propose 'plan'. Yes - it can be done.

Pop home for lunch. Cold shoulder. Just as I'm leaving to return to work I suggest to wife I'll pick her up wife at 2pm; there are some people I'd like her to meet. Not easy, but she relents.

2pm, drive up to G-ll hanger with wife. APU running, air-con on, ready to start. Climb aboard and within minutes we are off the ground and rocketing up to 35,000 feet. Once level I point out the digital altitude read-out behind wife's seat. 35th birthday, 35,000 feet.

I popped the bottle of champagne I'd hidden behind my seat, at the same time asking, 'Did you think I'd forgotten?'

She'll never know!

21st Mar 2005, 17:38
My Dear wife is taking me to Lisbon for my 65th. birthday. So now you have an idea to use when you have wrinkled up a bit.(Not that I have , of course).....