View Full Version : What goes up...

Tonic Please
21st Mar 2005, 01:36
But never comes down?

(I expect this will last about 30 minutes if somebody knows it so let it go so some thinking has to be done. Its unusual I know)


21st Mar 2005, 01:42
An odious, gaseous, emission emanating from ones nether parts....

Tonic Please
21st Mar 2005, 01:45
Surely that would depend if you were lying on your stomach or on the bog? :}

21st Mar 2005, 01:49
Wouldn't it eventually end up going up regardless of initial exit position??..

Tonic Please
21st Mar 2005, 02:16
I'd say more omnidirectional than all up?

A simple mind frame is key.

Onan the Clumsy
21st Mar 2005, 02:54
the price of petrol

21st Mar 2005, 08:13
Hot air...?? Like Jet Blast f'instance... :E

Ok, Hubble Telescope.. space station (ah, maybe not) ex wife's age.. (I get to feel younger with each new girlfriend.. :E)



Incipient Sinner
21st Mar 2005, 08:23
Which is a completely different question to...

What goes down and never comes up?

21st Mar 2005, 09:51
What goes up, but never comes down?

Your age.
(unless you are a woman!)

Tonic Please
21st Mar 2005, 10:19
Correct. And now im thinking what goes down but never comes up.

21st Mar 2005, 10:24
what goes down but never comes up.
A waterfall.

Tonic Please
21st Mar 2005, 10:25
What about gravity? :cool:

21st Mar 2005, 10:54
what goes down but never comes up ?
Time remaining before any event

21st Mar 2005, 10:59
Stalactites. :cool:

21st Mar 2005, 11:20
Taxes, beer, tabs. I'm off to France.:mad:

21st Mar 2005, 11:27

Hope that's right,if not it won't be my ego as that will be going down.

Well that's it then...read ALL replies before making your own.

Answer to the second part womens breasts and nipples.

21st Mar 2005, 11:58
something departing the earth at a speed greater than:

The value evaluates to be more or less:

11100 m/s
40200 km/h
25000 mi/h

glowing leading edges :}

Onan the Clumsy
21st Mar 2005, 14:54
Would that be a radial or a tangential speed?

I'm assuming tangential because by definition, if you could maintain walking speed vertically, you'd end up leaving the planet.


21st Mar 2005, 16:04
What goes down but never comes up?

That chick there on ebay if you pay her enough.

tony draper
21st Mar 2005, 17:19
Voyager comes to mind, still be heading outwards when we talking monkeys are long dust.