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Richard Taylor
20th Mar 2005, 21:33
Or to put it another way...

Does it have one??

League football crap.Two poor teams in an ever poorer league.

National football team crap.Constantly gubbed & play Italy this weekend in Milan :{

National rugby union team crap.Wooden spoonists but for Italy.Gubbed by all the others(WELL DONE Wales though-great rugby throughout :ok: )

Golf?? Athletics???

Where are our next generation,apart from eating all the wrong things & standing on street corners??


20th Mar 2005, 22:00
Then there's......
Did I mention curling?
Oh and....
No, that's it....

20th Mar 2005, 22:02
I'd have to agree - come back Fergie....... Speaking as a long-suffering United fan (Manchester born and Salford bred, so there :p)........how soon can you take him back? :E

Richard Taylor
20th Mar 2005, 22:10

Can we nick all the trophies he's won whilst Man U manager as well? :E )


I hate curling! My hair's not long enough!

Hello Cheerio:

Didn't help Pittoders was like a ploughed field again(that's our excuse!!)

20th Mar 2005, 22:14
Scotland is good at lots of sports:

Shinty hmm well I suppose since it is only played in Scotland we should be good at it

Curling - yes, nuff said.

Cycling - Chris Hoy from EDI won a gold in the last olympics and Robert Millar seems to have done ok in the Tour de France (when not being busted for drugs)

Tennis - Andrew Murray the next British hopeful to fail in the final stages of Wimbeldon is coming along.

Snooker - if it is considered a sport, then Stephen Hendry has won 7 World titles

Darts - if it is considered a sport, Jocky Wilson....

Golf - a long list of international golfers to choose from, starting with Sandy Lyle and Sam Torrance.

Motorsport - Formula 1 and international rallying have many Scots both driving and engineering. Jackie Stewart, David Coulthard, Louise Aitken-Walker, Alister and Colin McRae

Athletics - Liz McColgan, Alan Wells

Elephant Polo - The Duke of Argyll (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4073353.stm) won the world cup for us last year.....

Sailing - Chay Blythe, Robin Knox-Johnston

Dying of coronary heart disease - the entire nation

In general countries with good weather tend to do better at sports, the Scottish climate tends to make people want to saty indoors with their deep fried Mars bars and Sky TV.

Richard Taylor
20th Mar 2005, 22:27
Ah Jocky on the oche!

His body was a temple...of doom!

I say bring back the darts when players threw their fags at the dartboard instead of their darts,and "liquid refreshment" was a necessary part of the sport... it gets quite hot up on the oche!

Might give you Andrew Murray,a Scottish "Timmie" in the making!

As for Coulthard,a load of (Red) bull(sorry,cheap joke!!).Only man who indicates when coming to a corner & checks his mirrors first!

After you Michael!!

PPRuNe Radar
20th Mar 2005, 22:41
Scots won 3 Gold and 6 Silver medals in the 2000 Olympics, followed up by 2 Gold and 2 Silver last year.

Seems more of the next generation are resorting to our true championship sport of putting ourselves down instead of aiming for sporting greatness. At the former we are truly the best in the world. :O

20th Mar 2005, 23:14
Certainly not the greatest at football and rugby but the fans seem to do the country credit unlike some. It is rare you read of trouble at Scottish football matches and all the horror stories about fans in Europe never seem to involve us (these days).

Perhaps there is no expectation of winning, so no great surprise or disappointment at another gubbing, the whole affair just an excuse for a beer trip somewhere.

CarltonBrowne the FO
20th Mar 2005, 23:48
Sounds like aged has the answer, go along if you can, enjoy the day, have a drink afterward if that's your preference and don't get too upset about it.
Actually that sounds quite pleasant. I may try it!

21st Mar 2005, 01:05
Surprised no ones mentioned tossing the caber yet. The Scots are very good at it, but then again no one else does it. Why would anyone want to?

Onan the Clumsy
21st Mar 2005, 02:57
What about the bloke throwing the hammer on the Scotts Porridge Oats box?

They wouldn't put him on there if he wasn't any good at it.

21st Mar 2005, 07:07
How about slagging off the English, for which having had about a thousand years to practice, the Scots have turned into an art form. This being copied, if not entirely successfully, by the Irish, Welsh, French, Australian, American, Spanish, etc., etc., etc....


21st Mar 2005, 07:08
Maybe the Scots should invent a few sports based upon what they're good at.......

Blind drunkenness.

Loud Singing. (combined with the above)

Brawling Using Knives.

Appalling and Annoying Accents.

Really Bad Pop "Stars".

Fighting Using Boots.

Accepting Huge Payouts From the English to keep Their Country Afloat.

Brawling Using Broken Bottles.

There must be lots more. The potential is enourmous. :rolleyes:

21st Mar 2005, 07:56
Good one,acbus1, never heard before! :zzz: :zzz:

One sport most of the Brits (in general) forget is one where both Scots and English are very good at is fell running (http://www.fellrunner.org.uk/index.htm) .
Because, like mounteneering, it is difficult to televise(sp) it the general public never hears of it. The Italians are the top with the Scots and English close behind.
And, yes, traditionally you go to the pub afterwards!

21st Mar 2005, 08:38

Whilst agreeing that most Scots could excell at those skills you've lifted from a Newcastle 6th Form College curriculum, I do disagree somewhat with one myth:

"Accepting Huge Payouts From the English to keep Their Country Afloat".

Whilst accepting that Scotland is a Nation within a State, it is never the less the largest oil producing 'Nation' within the EU. Therefore, I am sure that given a population of only 5 million, were it to become an independent member state of the EU it could easily afford to maintain the levels of social depravation and poverty that it currently enjoys within the UK, without any need for "huge payouts from the English" or anyone else for that matter! (And this despite the presence of an 'Uncle Tom' of a 'Scottish' Chancellor of the Exchequer!).

Meanwhile back to the thread - Ski-ing is also a sport the Scots are good at, provided of course they avoid US produced Vicks Sinex Inhalers!!


Hangin' on
21st Mar 2005, 09:24
Is that depravation or deprivation Tug3, (or perhaps both....) :8

21st Mar 2005, 09:49

Personally speaking, it's my wife who decides whether I'm to be deprived or allowed to become depraved.


(Sp mistake left unchanged so as not to go unchallenged)

Lon More
21st Mar 2005, 09:54
DC just became the most succesful British F1 driver ever beating Nigel Mansell's previous record in 10 fewer races.
Only multiple world champions Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet have more points to their name.

21st Mar 2005, 10:36
It was absolutly brilliant hearing both sets of fans at yesterdays CIS cup final singing Davie Coopers name.
He was a true footballing great

Big Tudor
21st Mar 2005, 11:55
There are some things the Scots are good at. I for one wouldn't like to tell the 2 Scottish gentlemen in this piccy that we aren't (the guy on the right is Canadian).

BTW I used to go to school with the chap on the left. He was never that big then!

21st Mar 2005, 12:09
acbus1 - So the English who wreck entire countries when they go on holiday or follow their football team are just wannabe Scots then? Us Scots can behave ourselves, as you will see this weekend.

And another thing, we can spell. Obviously it wasn't yourself typing because you wouldn't know how to work the keyboard so if you'd like to ask your social worker to correct her spelling mistakes that'd be great:ok:

Appalling and Annoying Accents
There, in one single sentence, is an example of the attitude of a tiny-minded minority of English people that gets the whole country a bad name.

Richard Taylor
21st Mar 2005, 13:06
Thanks to all who have replied so far! :ok:

Was expecting some jousting & good humoured ribbing,but sadly not the vitriol that Acbus 1 came away with.

Don't know if you were joking - didn't look like it.

Don't expect all English to like Scots & vice versa,but that was rather sad.

Anyway what can be done to turn Scottish fortunes around - even a little bit?

21st Mar 2005, 13:09
Has no one congratulated David Coulthard on becoming the Brit with the highest number of Grand Prix points, after yesterday's race?:ok:

Big Tudor
21st Mar 2005, 13:18
Anyway what can be done to turn Scottish fortunes around - even a little bit?
Million dollar question. I believe Ally McCoist has been brought into the Scottish football coaching team. Hopefully he will make an impression. Having said that, there is a distinct lack of young talent being brought up through the ranks in Scotland. Too many teams delving into the 'foreign' market far instant fixes.
Did you know that the last team to win any European Cup with a team composed totally of nationals of the home country was Aberdeen in 1983?
As for rugby, I think Scotland need to update their playing styles. It is still geared towards the 'beefy' game that went out of fashion in the 80's. They need to understand that, whilst 18 stone may be good for the blocking, it's no use if you can't catch the man your chasing! :p

Onan the Clumsy
21st Mar 2005, 13:25

21st Mar 2005, 14:19
From a football point of view, our game will never improve until the SFA is cleared out from top to bottom. Too much of an "Old Boys" club who are more concerned about their own agendas than the state of our national game.:{

Sack them all, bring in Fergie, Souness and Strachan(or at least tell the players we'll bring them in if results don't improve soon!;) )

Dutch coach Rinus Michels told Farry and co exactly what was needed to improve Scottish football ten years ago. The SFA refused to even consider his plans as they were "too radical".

Eight years after that 6-1 happened. I rest my case!

simon brown
21st Mar 2005, 14:40
Caber tossing, drinking and political/media infiltration are sports the Scottish excel at:E

Richard Taylor
21st Mar 2005, 15:25
Anyone in Scotland remember the old "Only An Excuse" sketch from a few years back?

The Scene:1960,Hampden Park.Just after the 1960 European Cup Final.Real Madrid 7 v 3 Eintracht Frankfurt.Rated by many as the greatest game of football ever seen.

Reporter to Young(ish)Scottish Boy:"Well young man,what a marvellous game of football."
Scots Boy:"Hmm not really."
Reporter:"But surely that was great entertainment."
Scots Boy:"The defences were very poor,& there was too much attacking."
Reporter:"But isn't there anything for us to learn."
Scots Boy:"No.We're Scottish.We don't need to learn."
Reporter;"Well,you're a very opinionated young man.Tell me,what's your name?"
Scots Boy:"JAMES FARRY."

Summed it up nicely.

ps.yes the Scottish RAJ seem well bedded in at Westminster!

(copyright J Paxman). :D

21st Mar 2005, 20:33
Wait til 2007.

They won't win but the Scots will be a force to be reckoned with in the Rugby World Cup

Ropey Pilot
21st Mar 2005, 22:01
People tend to treat all of the home nations equally in team sports and tend to forget that the poulation of Scotland is akin to the population of London - never mind the whole of England

(Which makes Wales Grand Slam vitory in the rugby even more impressive - well done chaps:ok: )

21st Mar 2005, 22:18
Ropey - "the poulation of Scotland is akin to the population of London - never mind the whole of England"

The problem with this arguement is that the colonial types from down south can rip it apart. NZ manages to produce a sometimes reasonable rugby team and their population is no more than ours. Also the core population that South Africa finds its' team from can't be much more?

Following on, England is much bigger than Aus, NZ and RSA - so should be consistently better than any of them?

The problem, I think, lies in the investment in sport from day 1. Sport has to be given a much higher priority in schools and local communities than it is. There needs to be much more spent on facilities by schools and councils rather than reducing sport in case wee Johnny scrapes his knee and his mother sues.

Less money on support, dole, immigration etc and more on outdoor games I reckon.

22nd Mar 2005, 10:46
Another problem is the professional nature of the game and its impact in Scotland.

Our finest football and rugby players tend to make a career for themselves outwith Scotland. To be called up to play for the National side where you can risk your own career and your home club's investment through injury means that winning a cap for your country doesn't seem the attractive proposition to players as once did.

How many times have we heard that one of our finest is unavailable through injury when that same player was on the pitch the week berfore and the week following an international?

Perhaps professional players who are eligible to play for Scotland in both rugby or football regard internationals as merely some kind of 'all-star friendly/exhibition match', to be avoided at all costs or risk possible injury. (Their own clubs taking a similar view perhaps).

The fact that Scotland's rugby and football teams are not likely to see a good result on the European or World stage also makes it even less of an incentive to put in an appearance.

Perhaps we should look at professional national squads in these sports?



Ace Rimmer
22nd Mar 2005, 11:37
Don't forget Sailing's Shirley Robertson (two golds and some world champs) and rowing's Peter Haining (dude utterly dominated LW single sculls in the mid 90s and even though a LW made to the final of the 96 games. Incidently the story goes that in the last 300m of his 95 World Champs win he was having an asthma attack....the bloke actually increased his rate...hard as ...king nails)

B Fraser
22nd Mar 2005, 12:55
......and not forgetting the legendary Jim Clark who was an outstanding racing driver considered by some to have been better than Jackie Stewart who won the championship three times. Clark won every single GP where his car lasted the full duration apart from the one occasion when he finished second.

......Dario Franchitti is rather good too.

Lon More
22nd Mar 2005, 13:50
Not to forget the McCraes

btw IBE 4138, I did

23rd Mar 2005, 19:20

They won't win, but the Scots will be a force to be reckoned with in the world cup.

Very nice of you to say so but I don't share your optimism for my countrymen's efforts at the moment. We've got a full-back; the Lamont brothers are promising on the wings; we've two scrum-halves, a hooker and a back-row of some considerable potential but where, oh where are the midfield backs? The other big problem is Scotland's perennial one - no depth of reserve. And they'll all need to spend the next two years making love to tackle-bags!

I'd love to be proved wrong, though.