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Howard Hughes
19th Mar 2005, 21:47
I have only recently forayed into Jet Blast and I've got to say, WHAT A BLAST IT IS!!

I think you guys really have it right, why bother with all the pay, LCC, whining, my planes bigger than yours crap?

I am actually thinking that all the other forums should be closed down to allow more bandwidth for JET BLAST and the important things in life!!

You know football, booze, cars, politics, generally slagging off your mates and my personal fave, women in stockings (or are they blokes/British politicians?).

Anyway I gotta say what a great forum this is, all the best from a boozing Welsh, football loving, fast car driving, stocking wearer who lives in Oz!! (oops did I say that last one out loud?)

Cheers, HH.


19th Mar 2005, 22:11
Welcome, HH to our hallowed portal.

If you ever make sense of what JB is about, then it's time to leave. :ok:

19th Mar 2005, 22:16
It's kind of like a CD player installed iin the instrument panel. An optional extra - but still about flying

19th Mar 2005, 22:21
my planes bigger than yours crap

Everybody's plane is probably bigger than mine :(

Howard Hughes
19th Mar 2005, 22:27
Now now, there there, gives Jerricho a reassuring hug (in a blokey kind of way!!)

Everybody's plane is probably bigger than mine

Yeh but whos is most fun?

Cheers, HH.


19th Mar 2005, 22:39
So what's wrong with my plane being bigger? Like so there's no admiration in that anymore?

19th Mar 2005, 23:24
It's not how big it is, it's what you do with it.

20th Mar 2005, 00:01
To hell what you do with it, it is the size that matters. It makes dogs yelp and children run away crying.

What are we talking about again?

20th Mar 2005, 00:04
It makes dogs yelp

I'm sure there are laws about that........even up in Glasgow.

Solid Rust Twotter
20th Mar 2005, 06:49

Perhaps you should back up to the wall when recieving manly(?) hugs from the stocking wearing one.

Went outside on the Pprune awards thread, you didn't show, so I drank all the beer in the two eskies I found in your car and left you a piece of biltong in exchange. Fair trade, I reckon...:ok:

20th Mar 2005, 07:06
Hey, steady on about dog laws in Glasgow. Upsets them in Newcastle too.
It really doesn't matter how big your plane is, it's more a matter of how low it goes! :cool:

20th Mar 2005, 12:15
Solid R.T,
Are you SURE that was biltong???:ugh: :ooh:

Solid Rust Twotter
20th Mar 2005, 13:21
Nahhhh! 'Twas roadkill I found stuck to the tyre but what do Ozmates know about biltong anyway?:E

20th Mar 2005, 15:42
Obviously the 747 is the only plane that can contain Rainboe's ego... :rolleyes:

20th Mar 2005, 16:06
Bring on the A380 then :E