View Full Version : Why did Harold Wilson take his holidays on the Scilly Isles?

Onan the Clumsy
19th Mar 2005, 18:10
Maybe this (http://www.scillynews.co.uk/?p=11129&PHPSESSID=f46f12e565f8be39c6da99bcebe2ae07) is why :}

19th Mar 2005, 20:05
Probably because he had a holiday home there. :rolleyes:

As Harold Wilson died in 1995 and your link is referring to a vicar who arrived on the islands 8 yrs ago, I would be surprised if this link is the reason you are after. Unless of course you are suggesting necrophilia, as HW is buried on the Scilies

Although, they could have been there at the same time, the vic, his family and HW, I would doubt their stays were connected in ANY way.
Much like when I went on holiday there at the same time as HW and saw him.

19th Mar 2005, 20:22
Hey, I saw him too once (circa 1976), in St. Mary's, walking his dog. Even there he was surrounded by cronies.

20th Mar 2005, 21:05
My Dad always said Harold's bestest friends had names that ended in -ov and -sky .....

20th Mar 2005, 21:16
Harold Wilson Statue (http://www.nvmdigital.com/photos/photo480/MI480/MI29hwilson480.html)

Alas, I think Harold's staue rather diminishes the architectural splendour of Huddersfield Railway Station. Still, I expect the pigeons deposit an awful lot of crap on it. :E

20th Mar 2005, 22:25
Onan.... And its the Isles of Scilly NOT the Scilly Isles - they get upset about that apparantly....

21st Mar 2005, 19:18
He liked S61s, which was the obvious way to get there.