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18th Mar 2005, 22:48
(and yes there is a proper punchline)

I went to the world strawberry picking championships last week....

....and this woman with no legs won it...

<<<insert punchline>>>

If no-one gets it, I will post the actual punchline tomorrow evening.
I've seen some incredible wit on here the past few months so lets see what you got.(Esp interested to see what Onan and Jerricho put)!


18th Mar 2005, 22:56
The sponsors said they were stumped about such a jammy win.

Well it is late!

18th Mar 2005, 23:02
Good effort laser..and yes late hence the randomness of the posting!(yawn)

Ian Corrigible
18th Mar 2005, 23:39
Did it have something to do with her being an extremely fortuitous young lady...?



Onan the Clumsy
19th Mar 2005, 00:41
I thought that was it. It doesn't need a punch line. Along the lines of...

Why do Mexicans drive low-riders?

So they can drive and pick lettuce at the same time.

19th Mar 2005, 04:28
Oh man, I'll probably get in trouble for this but....
She picked more strawberries than anyone else but lost her cherry during the victory party.

Buster Hyman
19th Mar 2005, 05:59
...Jammy c***!!:ooh:

19th Mar 2005, 21:39
I went to the world strawberry picking championships last week....

....and this woman with no legs won it...

The judges said that they hadn't seen the strawberries in such a mess since the great snail invasion of 1980

Onan the Clumsy
19th Mar 2005, 23:52
...she was going to celebrate but the barman wouldn't let her as she was already legless. :ugh:

20th Mar 2005, 01:52
well some of the answers were actually better than the actual punchline!!

Particularly liked Ian C and ecnalubma's answers...

However, well done to Buster..got it it one...the woman with no legs won it...the jammy c**t!!

One of the funniest jokes i've heard in years!


20th Mar 2005, 06:48
She could not have been more down to earth, even if she tried.

Ascend Charlie
20th Mar 2005, 09:47
... I knew it would be something that rhymed with "punnet".

20th Mar 2005, 16:36
........or went with cream. :E

20th Mar 2005, 16:41
Ok then, in true "Jeopardy" style, guess the joke from the punchline..................

Answer= Cleverdick.

20th Mar 2005, 16:46
What does Jerricho think he is when he posts lots of links?

Answer= Cleverdick.


20th Mar 2005, 16:46
"What do you call a man with no arms or legs but who can still use a payphone and carry shopping?"

...leads on to a 'Dicataphone' tangent...

20th Mar 2005, 22:57
If its in the water BOB!