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18th Mar 2005, 21:44
Just watched the Concorde prog. on BBC. I must say, I thought it was a top draw program, not just dwelling on the technology but getting to grips with what is involved with selling plane and the pressure groups that get involved (T-Shirt sogan " Ban the Bangs") I was delighted, but suprised, to see a Maninblack on it, but it worked.

I'll never fly on one due to economics, but if there is one thing I wished I had done, a Bay of Biscay trip was probably it.

Mdm phnuff says it was French technology with British luck that created it. I am not sure I agree but . . . .

Anyone else see it ?

18th Mar 2005, 21:58
There has been a programme here on the Public Television channel, on and off for a month or so. Concorde was without competition in the beauty department. I got a shiver down the small of my back whenever I saw her at MIA.

It is a criminal shame that the US did not even finish a prototype. That decision set us back many years. The B-1 did use some of the research but we sure had some bad teething problems as a result.

18th Mar 2005, 22:18
Two aircraft for which this Island can be justly proud.

19th Mar 2005, 18:27
Two extremely good programs which were a total delight to watch. With a Spitfire flying ex wartime RAF father it was quite a moving as well as instructive. The obvious emotions expressed by many about the two aircraft was a testament to both.
Recently saw the mass Spitfire display last year at Duxford which was amazing. With a flat on the Heathrow flightpath it was always a pleasure to watch Concord coming in of an evening. Saw the Queens visit to Riyahd in her. Watched her operating in and out of Jet Aviation Jeddah. And even had the pleasure of watching her pass underneath us on the airway out of Jeddah Northbound to London. Happy memories.:)

19th Mar 2005, 19:52
I particularly enjoyed the footage of the elbow-patched former teacher[0] who was an ardent opponent of Concorde (of course this sanctimonious twerp lived in a town where a car was necessary. Cars don't make noise, do they?), and the Australian demonstrators with placards bearing 'Save the aborigines from Concorde'.

Must have been the drugs.

By now I expect most of the protestors to be sipping coffee on Darling Street[1], with the Range Rover [2] parked at 45 to the kerb, warming up for the school run.


[0] Only now do I realise how much I detested teachers as a class, not because I was a poor student (far from it), but because many of them interact with adults as though they are still in their classroom.
[1] King's Road in London
[2] Nothing aginst big cars - but you need to know how to drive and park them.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
19th Mar 2005, 20:04
I'll never fly on one due to economics, but if there is one thing I wished I had done, a Bay of Biscay trip was probably it.

A risk of sounding smug, a highlight of my life was a Bay of Biscay trip on G-BOAD; on the jump seat for the entire flight - push back at Manch, mach 2.02 at 60,000 feet, to shut down at CDG. Wrote it up as an article in 'Pilot'.

And now, I help show folk around G-BOAC at Manch. It's great to be associated with this amazing machine.


19th Mar 2005, 20:31

Hit the nail square on the head regarding teachers.Sorry to wander off topic but I know now why I found my neighbour so condescending towards me.She used to make me feel as if I was still at school..........and i'm nearly 40 for christ's sake!

Anyway,back to the thread.Missed the program but did manage to fly on the old girl to JFK in her last year. Awesome...simply awesome!

20th Mar 2005, 00:12
I take great delight in the fact that x years ago (that long? yep really), my rented 152 followed Concorde down 08 into Luton and Madame Phnuff, the wonderfully accented lady of my dreams didn't recognise the bird in question as we taxi'd past it , but hey, thats women . However last night watching the program, I had a real feeling that we had somehow gone backwards and that was sad. . . . .