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18th Mar 2005, 16:37
[engage rant mode]

BA are having a larf. I'm looking to travel from Inverness to London in the middle of April. BA will charge me 35.40 in taxes, fuel surcharges blah, blah, blah. However, on easyjet, flying the same days at the same time(ish) to the same bleedin' airport the taxes are only 16.50.

What gives! How can BA justify charging about 20 quid more.

I know I can always vote with my wallet, but this has rattled my cage somewhat.

Off to find a darkened room to stew.

Standard Noise
18th Mar 2005, 16:40
mmmm airline taxes, now there's a black art.:confused:

Onan the Clumsy
18th Mar 2005, 16:40
Maybe BA bring you back as well :}

18th Mar 2005, 16:52
and why... do you still have to pay your 'departure' tax if you don't actually take the flight and hence never 'depart'. :confused:

18th Mar 2005, 17:08
I remember reading somewhere (maybe on pax and SLF), that if you don't travel, the travel agent or airline have got to refund all of your tax. They don't seem to advertise this point very well though!

18th Mar 2005, 17:20
:confused: hmm thats what I used to think too - Ryanair seemed to think differently when I had a run in with them once. Oh well... c'est la vie.

18th Mar 2005, 20:19
You're able to get from one end of the country to the other for 30, when you can barely get 45 miles out of London by train for that price, and you're still griping? :p

18th Mar 2005, 20:38
i wish the airfare was only 30 squid! it's the extra fecking taxes that BA slap on top of their airfares that get my goat.

Should really find something more productive to vent my spleen on thou.

18th Mar 2005, 21:50
After reading about it on PPRUNE, for the last year or so when I have had, but not used, one of those cheapo tickets, I have happily claimed back the Airport Taxes by phoning up before departure to cancel said flight....This is with BA & AF. However just this week I have tried this again with BA and the B:mad:ards say 'we can no longer do this...Bla..Bla' and the bird I spoke to reckoned she had never heard of someone asking for just taxes back!!!

Who do I complain to and is there any legislaton (preferably European as they hate that!) I can point to to get my money back. After all, it is not for them, its for the airport which Im not going to use and which wont now charge the airline for me!!!!


7006 fan
18th Mar 2005, 21:51
How's this one.

A man walks into gatwick Airport ans approaches the BA Ticket Desk. I would like to buy a return ticket to manchester please depating today and returning the following Thursday.
Oh that will be 164 including blah blah blah and booking fee....did Sir know that if he books on-line there is no booking fee!!!!


18th Mar 2005, 23:05
Oh that will be 164 including blah blah blah and booking fee....did Sir know that if he books on-line there is no booking fee!!!!

He managed to get a ticket on the day for that price? He should have just taken it and flown:E

19th Mar 2005, 06:51
I thought that if the passenger cancels the flight they are not entitled to a refund of the airport tax. If the airline cancels the flight the passenger is entitled to the refund. That's what Ryanair told me anyway.............

Standard Noise
19th Mar 2005, 08:56
A dear old MO'L Airways, the experts in refunds!:rolleyes:

19th Mar 2005, 10:20
BA domestic ticket prices attract a 4 per sector fuel surcharge and a 2.50 per sector insurance/security charge.
That's 13 extra accounted for on a return ticket.

19th Mar 2005, 10:27
Do the UK airlines pay the airports for the security services?

True Manxman
20th Mar 2005, 07:06
Rollingthunder, the airlines dont pay the security charges, the passenger does. every airport charges a passenger service charge (PSC) either for all arriving passengers or charge it on all departing pax, not both. This covers security/baggage handling etc. Up until about 3 years ago this was absorbed from the cost of the ticket, until somebody somewhere thought it would be a good idea to seperate out and show it as a "tax". The airlines get to advertise their cheap fares and we get hammered with the add ons.

Runway 31
22nd Mar 2005, 18:36
From BBC

British Airways is to increase its charges to cover the high cost of jet fuel caused by record crude oil prices.
The airline said it was raising the fuel surcharge on long-haul tickets to 16 per journey, from 10 at present.

For short-haul passengers, BA said the fuel surcharge would rise to 6 from 4 per trip.

The surcharge will be levied on each leg of a return flight. It comes one day after rival Virgin Atlantic imposed a similar surcharge increase.

"Our fuel bill next year is expected to be an extra 300m," said BA commercial director Martin George.

"With prices continuing to rise, a surcharge increase is regrettably unavoidable."

Not alone

The oil price surge has prompted several airlines to impose fuel surcharges on ticket sales, and many have said profits are suffering.

BA's move comes a day after Virgin Atlantic raised its fuel surcharge to 16. They are competitors on transatlantic routes.

BA blamed high fuel prices for a 40% drop in profits during the final three months of 2004, saying fuel costs rose by 106m, or 47.3%, during that time.

It expects its overall fuel bill to be 1.1bn in its current financial year to end-March 2005, and to hit 1.4bn in its next financial year.

Crude oil prices are continuing to break records. So far this year, the oil industry's two main price-setting products - Brent crude and New York-traded US light crude - have both soared in price by more than 30% a barrel.

Brent crude costs 69% more than 12 months ago, while US light crude has risen 54%.

BA introduced the fuel surcharge in May 2004, and increased it in August and again in October. The latest rise will apply to all tickets booked after 28 March.

Crude oil prices rose ahead of the Iraq war in 2003, and remained high on fears about political instability in the Middle East. More recently, prices have been pushed higher by strong demand from the US and China, coupled with supply bottlenecks.

22nd Mar 2005, 18:46
Ah yes, that good old security charge. What a crock. An extra charge being slapped onto a ticket to supposedly fund something they bastards should have been doing from day 1 :rolleyes: