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Evening Star
18th Mar 2005, 07:11
There is already a thread running over on Military (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?threadid=167451), however we so often debate here on JB the decline in values and suchlike that I thought it appropriate to also record here something worthy of the highest praise.

First Victoria Cross awarded since 1982 (http://www.news.mod.uk/news_headline_story.asp?newsItem_id=3169)

18th Mar 2005, 07:59
Well done Private Beharry. After the army has had a bit of a kicking this week, it's good to see something positive being reported.

18th Mar 2005, 08:17
But of course Tony, being thrown into a life threatening situation is nowhere near as hard as not making your bed and calling it art.

I hope the future holds good things for Pte. Beharry. :ok:

Capn Notarious
18th Mar 2005, 08:55
His actions were quality.
There is an awful lot of tat about.

18th Mar 2005, 10:38
...give it a few hours and the media will be trundling out the fluffies and luvvies to naysay the award

Would that be the same media that itself suffered a fair number of casualties and losses just so that you could sit at home and watch soldiers earning those awards from the comfort of your armchair?

Spuds McKenzie
18th Mar 2005, 10:40
Spot on, Konkordski. :ok:

18th Mar 2005, 11:53
I thought this thread was about a soldier who was awarded the VC. Unfortunately it is already degenerating into a slanging match. Why not keep the vitriol away and put personal feelings to one side by simply saying well done mate, to the soldier concerned. We are all proud of you.

tony draper
18th Mar 2005, 11:58
Agreed Max, well done that man.

Solid Rust Twotter
18th Mar 2005, 12:42
Great stuff! Have to admire folks like that...:ok:

18th Mar 2005, 14:08
A quite exceptional young man. Well done, Beharry VC.

Big Tudor
18th Mar 2005, 15:01
VC Holders (http://www.victoriacross.org.uk/aalivevc.htm)
A lot of people are not worthy of even knowing the names of these men. It is the actions of people like Private Beharry that reaffirms ones belief in the human race.

18th Mar 2005, 15:09
ORAC has posted the full citation for Pvt Beharry in the Mil Forum;its well worth reading. Awesome effort. :ok:

tony draper
18th Mar 2005, 16:40
Hmmmm, someone just said that all other ranks in the armed forced have to salute a Victoria Cross, up to and including Field Marshals and Admirals, be this true????

18th Mar 2005, 17:33
I believe so. And so they should too.
Pvt. Beharry's efforts were incredible. A very worth recipient of the VC.

High Wing Drifter
18th Mar 2005, 17:38
Just saw him on the news with the obvious signs of his injuries. Unfortunately the news story glossed over some of the elements of the citation that I though most heroic.

A staggering feat of selflessness and level headedness.

18th Mar 2005, 17:41
I would be proud to salute this fine young Pte.


I'll have a drink for him tonight!

Maple 01
18th Mar 2005, 19:07
No Konkordski, you're thinking of the same self-agenderising media that tried to stab our guys on the ground in the back over and over again, who went into a warzone and got upset when they started taking casualties so tried to blame the Allied forces and think they’ve got all the answers to the big questions, be they tactical or political. The very people, who forget they are there to report the news, not try and make it. So yes, give it a few hours and they will have worked out an angle to deminish the chap's bravery



Maple 01
18th Mar 2005, 21:39
Well that didn't take too long - Newsnight, same day as the news of the award is published - Is the British Army relying on too many foreign troops?

Christ on a bike, can they not report something positive about the immigrant experience or the British Army for once without looking to get a quick sneer in?

19th Mar 2005, 08:06
The English/British army has always relied on foriegn troops to a greater or lesser degree down the centuries, depending on your definition of "foriegn" - as anyone with a passing acquaintanceship with history can tell you. What is it with these media ignorami?

19th Mar 2005, 09:37
""English/British army has always relied on foreign troops ""

That'll include us Jocks then ? :p

As one of the first "effnic" minorities to serve with HMG's militia until the recent past, I think this self effacing young man would be the first to tell you that the actions of many of his oppos in Iraq also deserved the highest accolade. The fact that most VC are awarded posthumously reflects the personal risk undertaken in the incident(s) in question, and his stoicism under fire so typically understated in the citation.

For my part, I left with a CV :}

19th Mar 2005, 09:55
Is the British Army relying on too many foreign troops?

A typical subject which, if it had been brought up on PPRuNe instead of a current affairs programme would have probably generated a lively and mature (I live in hope) debate.

The hypocrisy of this forum staggers me sometimes. :rolleyes:

Pinky the pilot
19th Mar 2005, 10:41
Well done Beharry VC.

(Usual signature deleted; he obviously looked it in the face far far more that I ever did!!)

Maple 01
19th Mar 2005, 14:54
Actually, The hypocrisy of the media staggers me sometimes.

Why not just run a 'good news' story? Why wasn't their thirst to debate the 'too many foreigners in the Armed Forces' story evident before Pvt Beharry's award? Perhaps it was the best 'spoiler' they could manage in the time available :rolleyes:

19th Mar 2005, 16:42
If Pte Beharry isn't a British Citizen, He (and the rest of his family), should be made one as soon as possible, (provided that's what he wants).

19th Mar 2005, 16:51
He is from Grenada in fact, which last time i looked was a member of the Commenwealth and has the Queen as its Head of State. So why all the fuss? Media have obviously gotten a little bored, again....

The citation is truly awe inspiring and yet as calmly as anything he turns and says "anyone would do the same to help their mates." My bar book in the Mess at a certain wokker wokker base is there for his use!


Sheep Guts
20th Mar 2005, 02:54
Well done Private Beharry. I am not sure about the saluting Drapes , but surley Private Beharry has earned his Corporal Chevrons by now. Surely a promotion is on order here. With that sort of courage and chivalry who needs to do an NCO Course to achieve StaffSgt let alone Cpl. Come on now MOD CDF surley a promotion would look a bit better, especially in his hip pocket.