View Full Version : First "lab-scale" black hole observed ? (contains links)

17th Mar 2005, 14:17
link (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/4357613.stm)

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17th Mar 2005, 18:42
No wonder these experiments are so expensive. Couldn't they use iron instead of gold? :rolleyes:

17th Mar 2005, 20:44
I think that chances of creating a Black Hole are pretty slim. Of course if they do, they mustn't drop it. If it is dropped, it will be attracted to the centre of the earth. It will 'eat' the mass in it's path, accelerating as it goes, until it passes through the centre and out the other side, decellerating. When it comes to rest, it will start the whole cycle all over again, until it has consumed the Earth. Presumably, it will then just stay in the same orbit around the Sun. Dunno what happens then...

Do You Know...

You can visit Cern.

They do English-language tours on Saturday mornings. I went last Summer - absolutely fascinating. Got to see the assembly of one of the new Higgs Bosun detectors and the innards of some of the super-conducting magnets. Asked some awkward questions and was slightly embarrassed as I didn't understand the answers.

Certainly a great day out.


17th Mar 2005, 21:26
can we target which part of the world it eats first so the rest of us can enjoy whats left?

Pablo Martin
17th Mar 2005, 21:32
I read in the New Scientist only a few months ago they were building the worlds largest particle accelerator for the sole purpose of creating black holes. Also they said it wouldnt be finished until 2007????? :confused:

Anyone else read this or is it just me again!


17th Mar 2005, 21:46
Don't worry about the pension...

Loose rivets
18th Mar 2005, 04:35
There's no way that they could aaaaaahhh aaaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhh hhhhhh hhhhhhhh[SIZE] [SIZE=1]hhhhhhhhhhhh do that!

18th Mar 2005, 11:46
It may be New York's first black hole but let me tell ya...India's way ahead. There's been a black hole of Calcutta ever since I can remember.

OK, make that 2 chapattis to go please...coat, hat. :O

18th Mar 2005, 16:50
My sock drawer is a black hole.

18th Mar 2005, 18:16
'Fit comes past my place, I've got a garage full of junk to throw in it..... Is it OK to put used motor oil in there? :O