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11th Jun 2001, 01:08
Hi all, i know that this topic is somewhat over discussed but i thought i would start a new thread with my question so as not to over extend and draw out the others.
I am 17, and when on my work experience at school i flew jumpseat from t/o to ldg and return! with a UK company. I am training gradually for my PPL with the aim to continue into commercial avaition on completing my A levels. I am flying to faro with JMC out of Newcastle and was wondering of the possibilities of getting on the j/s before t/o and/or for the ldg. I understand the procedure as i have done it before, but not on a 757!
Any JMC crew that could help here? maybe you will be the captain! I ask only as i have such an interest in commercial aviation and when possible try to get all of the opportunities to find out more!
I apologise if this may be in the wrong board but i did post a similar message under 'questions' without a response as of yet.

Thanks once again, if you would prefer to answer by email, feel free to do so at:

[email protected]

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Captain Numpty
11th Jun 2001, 02:28
Well I know from my own personal experiences that a letter addressed for the attention of the Captain is usually received positively. Just make sure you outline your reasons and all being well you should find yourself in the J/S. However, be aware, it's always the Captain's call and if your flight happens be a training flight then expect to be disappointed. However, a letter has always worked for me. BA 777 LGW-DFW/ DFW-LGW twice and various B737 Ryan Air/ B.Midland flights in and out of Dublin.