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feet dry
16th Mar 2005, 16:29
Well it is that time of year again folks (for the Brits anywho)

Budget time once again, and the question is who has gained from the budget?

As my household is of the DINKY (double income no kids) variety I do not expect to recieve anything other than the blunt end of a large blunt thing shoved somewhere marked 'exit only'. It would be nice one year though to be pleasantly surprised....is this too much to ask?

Lance Murdoch
16th Mar 2005, 16:52
Not many surprises this year. After all theyve got an election so they arent going to put anything in there that is too controversial.
Prepare to be whacked hard this time next year!

Pablo Martin
16th Mar 2005, 20:05
Number cruncher on the news said that he already needs another 11 billion to reach current objectives let alone reaching his new ones :confused:

16th Mar 2005, 21:28
Last time a Chancellor gave the country a 'pleasant surprise' the
economy went into overdrive and then crashed.

The next news from the Chancellor will be/have to be tax increases, me thinks.

Make the most of the current good times, feel dry, it's about to get very expensive......

Tonic Please
17th Mar 2005, 02:07
The first thing I thought of when he said the following was about the hospitals and police:

Alcohol allowance into uk has gone up from 145 to 1000. Drinking hours have increased, and beer has got up 1 pence.

They wonder why our hospitals are laden with drunk lame nobodies and the police have to patrol streets full of drunken yobboes till god knows what hour?

Is it just me?