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Onan the Clumsy
16th Mar 2005, 13:32
link (http://www.fuh2.com/index.php)

16th Mar 2005, 13:40
Apparently there's more than one of them : 1853 submissions (http://www.fuh2.com/submissions.php) already.

Big Tudor
16th Mar 2005, 13:46
They aren't as tough as they make out!


Onan the Clumsy
16th Mar 2005, 13:46
I saw a thing on the tele once where they put a Hummer through its paces off road and it had all sorts of problems.

Then they tried it with a Lada and that vehicle took the course in its stride.

Send Clowns
16th Mar 2005, 14:12
Well wasn't the Lada 4x4 just a rebadged Gaz 66 jeep, as used by the Soviet army? One thing you have to say for the Soviets, kit may be agricultural but it was always tough!

16th Mar 2005, 14:41
I'm getting brickbats for having Beemer's in the household on another thread; thats up to 3 pages and counting.

A thread slagging off this utter monstrosity of climate change and dead compact drivers....and its secured 4 replies?

Certain Pprune'rs having a pop on the other thread and not here; have a word with yourselfs.:rolleyes:


16th Mar 2005, 15:13
There are a few of them on the road here in Sunny Winnipeg. Seems they are all in pristine condition, not dirt or anything.........the US version of the Range Rover perhaps :E

16th Mar 2005, 15:18
At least the Range Rover actually goes of road...

I was "comp'd" a sightseeing tour in a Hummer in Las Vegas.....big old bag of spanners. I felt embarrassed just being in it; however British manners meant you dont say no when you are being given a "treat", no-matter how gaudy it may be.


16th Mar 2005, 15:51
The Hummer speaks volumes for the total selfish disregard that some people, mostly in this case, Americans, have for their environment, and in partiuclar global warming.

Reading the linked webpage it also appears to be pretty leathal to other road-users.

If it weren't for our membership of the WTO, I would like to see these polluting monstrosities banned from European roads. As it is I've already seem one in my neck of the woods.

16th Mar 2005, 16:00
At least the Range Rover actually goes of road

I think you mean "At least the Range Rover was actually designed to go off road".

4 words - Soccer Mums - Hampstead Heath.

"Oh we could never take the RR off road. Would get very dirty you know"

Standard Noise
16th Mar 2005, 16:00
I'll have a Discovery anyday. Hummers are just obstacles to be driven over.:}

16th Mar 2005, 16:07
Absolutely Jerricho; I stand corrected!!

My old fellas shooting chum has a new Range Rover, and much to my surprise, that thing is actually very capable at getting its feet dirty. It's a petrol though, so it drinks its rations quite quickly.


16th Mar 2005, 16:13
Actually, it's not just the Hummer (you don't get too many Landies or Rangies over here), tis these huge effin 5.7 litre Hemi engined Dodge 4x4s kicking around. They're bloody everywhere, and oh boy are they huge.

Now, some of the red-neck fraternity around here do use them for their intended purpose. Several around where I live wouldn't have the first clue about a Limited slip diff, low range 4WD or if they got stuck and needed to use the vehicle's capabilitites, they would be stuck there for a while.

BUT it doesn't stop them thinking they are damn near indestructable, especially when they are barrelling along at 110 kph in a snow storm thinking "I got a 4x4, look at me. I can take on the world. Get out of my way". The number of them I have seen in ditches and off the road is astounding.

Big Tudor
16th Mar 2005, 16:21
A friend told me of a TV programme that followed the adventures of some off-road type chaps who took a variety of 4x4's on a serious bit of bondu bashing, one of the vehicles was a Hummer 2. Apparently it broke down on the second day and was unfixable at the side of the track. They towed it 300 miles off-road with a Landcruiser. The car in front is a Toyota! ;) :ok:

16th Mar 2005, 16:26
Speaking of Toyota, anybody seen the new FJ (http://www.auto123.com/en/info/news/previews,view,Toyota.spy?artid=35918) .

I shall call it Mini Hummer.

(Actually, GM are bringing out a real mini Hummer as well!)

16th Mar 2005, 17:23
That wrecked vehicle is a real Hummer, not one of these H2 lookalike thingies.

I have seen a couple of H2s in Lagos, but just parked for sale in among the stolen Mercs and what-not. We already have to contend with wildly-driven Toyota Landcrushers. I can hardly wait until some local member of the minor nobility gets his hands on an H2 and tries to cut through traffic.

Mind you, fuel is relatively difficult to come by in Lagos and somewhat dear too. (Nigeria is the world's fifth-largest producer of crude oil but most of the local refineries are either out of service or just limping along, so that gasoline usually has to be imported.) Your average H2 would probably spend a lot of time parked in a petrol queue, which might be kinda boring.

Standard Noise
16th Mar 2005, 17:55
Dolphins -"much to my surprise, that thing is actually very capable at getting it's feet dirty."
Yep, that's why they build 'em. Why not have a go at one of the 'Land Rover Experience" courses. Ask for the Range Rover when you book, then they'll let you throw a 60k Rangie about on a muddy hillside. I'm sure there's one up your way somewhere. Most fun you can have on four wheels.

16th Mar 2005, 18:05
some local member of the minor nobility

Is that another way of saying "small cock and smaller brain"?

Onan the Clumsy
16th Mar 2005, 18:08
There's a 71 FJ40 for sale a copuple of blocks over from me. They want $5,500 for it :ooh:

They didnt' REALLY call the other vehicle a BJ70 did they? :ugh:

16th Mar 2005, 18:09
Really? What condition is it in?

(May have to take a little mosey down to Jesusland ;) )

16th Mar 2005, 19:50
I have no idea about the size of the lunchbox or the brain either; it's just when you are sat in one of these behemoths with the air con and the sounds both turned up to max the outside world must seem very, very far away. The standard of driving in Nigeria is lousy anyway, and when you add the illusion of invincibility, well, watch out!

I used to fly with a guy who was a real prince... literally. Royalty there comes in all degrees of wealth, with the wealthiest having the biggest toys, of course. But none of them seem to give a hang about other road-users, not that the commoners are far behind them in the selfishness stakes.

You want 'indestructible', check out the Mercedes-Benz Unimog. You could drive over a Hummer in one of those and barely notice the bump.

The local cops used to get drunk and knock down a particular traffic signal mast in Ikeja with their Unimogs. Then the local authority became hacked off about this and put it up again with a big concrete drain pipe segment around it. Next morning it was battered and on a slant but still standing. Next to it was a police Unimog with a huge rounded declivity in its bow and the front wheels showing an extreme degree of toe-in. Score one for the environment!

16th Mar 2005, 20:13
Jerricho, you want to be careful if you come this way. On my way to work all I see are Land Rovers, Heni powered monstrosities, Escalades and just about every other large 4x4 vehicle you can buy in Canada. Two common traits with all of these is that there is usually only one occupant, and sometimes two, in a vehicle that could carry half a dozen full grown men easily, and the second is that all of them are spotless. Not a spot of mud anywhere. The owner of the local Hummer dealer used to live just down the hill. Every night there was a different Hummer in the driveway.

But then I guess they are all just trying to keep the demand for oil up...


16th Mar 2005, 20:15
One "sreeetched" Limo verion went past me t'other day...:yuk:

16th Mar 2005, 21:44
But then I guess they are all just trying to keep the demand for oil up

Haha! Loads of it over you way. Keeping the local economy going then ;)

(Do they have gun racks in the back as well? And the compulsory Tim Horton's mug in the drink holder?)

16th Mar 2005, 21:50
Despite our reputation as a bunch of redneck hicks (which many around here are proud of, at least the good parts of it) I haven't seen any in the city with gun racks. Unless it really is a farmer or rancher's truck, and then it is usually very dirty too.

The Newfie's are the ones with the Tim Horton's mugs for the most part. Everyone else seems to have a Starbucks or Second Cup mug.

While in Vegas I saw more than a few stretched SUV or Hummer limos. That city is the perfect example of pure consumersim as there is no other reason for it to exist really.

16th Mar 2005, 21:53
Everyone else seems to have a Starbucks or Second Cup mug.

But it hasn't got the cocaine that Tim's puts in their coffee. Bloody addictive stuff.

(Actually, that Second Cup stuff you could probably put in your gas tank and would run your truck quite well......... :yuk: )

16th Mar 2005, 21:59
I wouldn't know as I don't drink coffee and don't ever plan on starting. I've seen what happens to people after the addiction kicks in. The monthly coffee bill grows far too quickly. Thank God gas is relatively cheap here...

16th Mar 2005, 23:15
As I understand it, if you gave the French and the Americans the same basic functional design specification for a vehicle, you would get a 2CV and a Hummer, respectively .....

17th Mar 2005, 00:00
Or a 2CV with a 6 litre engine ;)

Hay Ewe
17th Mar 2005, 00:02
It was either the 2003 or 2004 (IIRC) dakar rallye and there was a hummer in it, umm, yeah, all the hype about it, didnt actully do too well. I dont even know if it finished.

Hay Ewe - wheres my dirt bike?

17th Mar 2005, 00:16
Now anyone sensible driving to park in the crew carpark at London Gatwick, should seriously consider a Hummer, the only vehicle that can challange the Speed Bumps.

Lon More
17th Mar 2005, 00:32
Eubank's got one - 'nuf said

17th Mar 2005, 01:12
That's 'cause he can say it without his lisp making it sound silly :E

He could never drive a Porsche.

Standard Noise
17th Mar 2005, 02:31
Or a Seat Ibiza (not that he'd want one)

simon brown
17th Mar 2005, 13:20
If Cwisth Eubanks or Day viiid Beckhams got one, then it has to be wa*k. didnt Cwisth clogg up the steets of Brighton in his White Freightliner truck before:suspect:

Lon More
17th Mar 2005, 13:47
Cwish moved a truck which was blocking the road, the driver objected and Cwish was charged with TWOC. He was in Court yesterday and, deciding he didn't need legal representation, pleaded guilty. It was then pointed out to him that he would lose his licence automatically so he changed his mind, requested a solicitor and changed his plea to not guilty. Case adjourned

17th Mar 2005, 13:57
The real utility of the Hummer lies in the way it annoys those who would dictate how everyone else should think and live. It makes a bold statement against PC encroachment. And all the Hummers in the world probably burn as much as two 747 classics on any given day.


17th Mar 2005, 14:08
Yes, but for the same fuel burn, just how many sensible (that is Japanese or European models - not American gas guzzlers) cars could be run on the same volume of fuel.

At least the 747 is a mass transportation vehicle rather than a selfish ego trip.

17th Mar 2005, 14:52

With all respect, why is there not a rising protest against the recreational vehicles, Aston Martins, Ferraris, Bentleys, and others that obtain even less fuel efficiency than the hummers?

Why not the protest against two cyle dirt bikes and jet skis which contribute more noise and particulates into the air?

The Hummer is a choice. The price of fuel is the arbiter of what an owner chooses to drive. If you want to drive a Kia or Cinquecento, you can enjoy the cost benefit of doing so. Just don't look askance at me if I choose something else, asserting my freedom to do so. If you like, raise the issue with voters (not unelected bureaucrats) to place limits on fuel consumption. That's how freedom and democracy should work.

17th Mar 2005, 15:28
Parking a Hummer can be a problem (or not, depends from which angle you see it...):


I wonder when they will introduce an M2 Bradley for road use?

17th Mar 2005, 15:33
A thread slagging off this utter monstrosity of climate change and dead compact drivers....and its secured 4 replies?

You a little happier now? We've made page 3 :E

Flap Sup
17th Mar 2005, 16:30
Send Clowns,

No the Lada Niva is not anything near a GAZ 66. The GAZ 66 is a small truck at approx 4.5 ton, while the Niva is a light 4x4 at only 1.3 ton.

The GAZ is powered by a (get this!) 4.0litre low compressed petrol engine rated at 115hp (methinks). It can run on 76 octane! If you don't have any petrol at hand, just pour anytning flammable except diesel into the tank, and it will run. At its best, the GAZ 66 will run 60km/h on an even road depending on wind.........
I have had the pleasure of touring the middle east in a GAZ 66 in '99 in one not quite unlike this GAZ 66 (http://www.besko.nl/images/Gaz.jpg)

The Lada Niva is a wonderful offroad toy. It is the least complex 4x4 I have ever had the pleasure to drive. Just don't crash it.

17th Mar 2005, 16:32
Ben There:

If this had been a thread related to polution of beach resorts then I'd absolutely agree - Jetskis, powerboats and the like are dangerous to other water users, not to mention fish and sea mammals. I'd have them banned if I had my way - but I won't get it! . I wouldn't have thought that a jetski had 10% the fuel burn of a Hummer though.

Whatever vehicle you drive, as you quite rightly state, it is down to freedom of choice - however I would like to see inefficient vehicles taxed heavily, so that in effect the polluter pays.

In the USA, where fuel costs next to nothing, due to the tax regime, no one has any financial incentive to be environmentally friendly, hence the exponential growth in gas guzzling 4 x 4 SUVs in city streets.

17th Mar 2005, 17:28
I thought "getting a Hummer" meant you were smiling happily with your hands on her head in an effort not to clap ;)

17th Mar 2005, 17:31
A Hummer where I come from is a really smelly fart!!
No joking - serious I kid nobody!.:D

17th Mar 2005, 17:33
More pollution eh? No particulates though I hope :p

17th Mar 2005, 17:43

In my post I was referring to jet-skis as noise and particulate offenders, not fuel burners.

I accept there is a societal cost associated with combustion, but there is also a societal benefit. Those intangible costs, such as pollution, highway infrastructure, etc. should be included in the tax on fuel. No problem there. But the burning of fuel is necessary for economic activity as well, which feeds and houses us all.

You perceive US fuel cost as being next to nothing. But my $2 gallon cost includes about a 50% tax bite, whereas yours in the UK is about 400% over the actual fuel cost. Americans have many incentives to be environmentally friendly in addition to the cost of fuel, which is why we incubated the environmental movement in the 1960s and have greatly reduced industrial, auto, and water pollution since. I think the US was the first to tackle pollution on a large scale.

The tax regime is theoretically put in place by the voters. Your voters over the years have accepted much higher fuel taxes than ours, which creates the misperception that they're giving away fuel in the US. Maybe it's my misperception that the UK taxes the hell out of fuel and everything else.

Lon More
17th Mar 2005, 18:19
Stuff the Hummer, I want this


Should be a Beemer underneath though

17th Mar 2005, 19:06

The issue myself and others have is more to do with people who buy large SUVs only to drive to work. And then quite often alone. If someone does a lot of field work or lives on a ranch, then fine, they do need the other capabilites an offroad vehicle can offer. More and more people who buy them don't though. Those people would be better off with a BMW or Mercedes if they must have something better than a Honda.

In some places having 4 wheel drive can be helpful, even in the city, but a Hummer is overkill. So are most other large SUVs. I know my Rav4 was quite useful this winter. It can get me from A to B just as well as the larger SUVs, when burning half the fuel in some cases.

On the other hand we do live in free countries, and people can buy what they can afford.