View Full Version : egac closed ! all Bmi to egaa! (again)

28th Jan 2002, 22:33
Belfast city airport closed today due to a fire engine breaking down.All bmi and most of british airways aircraft went to aldergove no comment but how can an airport let this happen! and how much more S??t can bmi take from egac? :) :)

surface wind
28th Jan 2002, 22:40
crap airport = crap service

:) :)

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Sky Blue
28th Jan 2002, 23:10
I agree,

Bmi does not suit Belfast City simply because of the Airports rugged regional set up. Belfast International has everything and more that an Airline like Bmi need to run effectively. This diverting flights and cancelling flights is not on just beause you operate from one Airport when you can operate from a better Airport up the road.

Belfast City is poor due to the following reasons

Runway is just a bit on the small size. .Runway is in great need of repair last cover up was during the 60's. .Only one runway in a very awkward position. .No Cat III. .No room for terminal or runway expansion (planning restrictions). .Poor Management. .Over crwoded as whitnessed during Christmas (Whos incharge of that conveyor belt!)

If I was Sir Micheal I would back up my operation at the City move back up to the International and be able to say to TBI I have proved a point now give me lower landing charges as they would very quickly agree to.

Come on guys before its to late!!!

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28th Jan 2002, 23:19
strange concept this but what about what the consumers want. I can get to my hotel in 10 minutes for six quid not 40 and 25. Also I can work up until 1 hour before depature and then get the plance, not 2 hours. But then why would consumer wishes have anything to do with the decision

28th Jan 2002, 23:22
ok so how many london flights have gone on time from egac since bmi moved last count was about 7!!!! :) :) :) <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

28th Jan 2002, 23:29
Understand that the runway is scheduled for a bit of work soon, to include a re-surface and narrowing to standard 45 metres. At least it will look a bit longer then <img src="cool.gif" border="0">

The terminal buildings nice though, don't you think?

gul dukat
29th Jan 2002, 00:26
And I tried to post earlier with "Hugh,Pugh,Barney McGrew,Midlands gone away"

. .Just heard that because of TWO disabled fire engines at bhd BMI had to divert 6 services to BFS.Reckon BFS are ahead on points for ILS /WEATHER RECORD/FIRE SERVICES/CHOICE OF RUNWAYS(direction and superior surface) :) . .Regrettably this is my last ever post!

. . Cardassia calls so I am off(unless we divert to BFS of course)

Sky Blue
29th Jan 2002, 02:02
Posted by V50

Yes consumer views are very important, but personally the safety of you lot and the performance of the Airline I am paying for ie no delays is even more important.

Safety first then worry about the rest!

SB :)

controller friendly
29th Jan 2002, 02:47
bmi were really customer aware today when their first service to leave NI for LHR was around 9am, not all that beneficial for the business man on a Monday morning after checking in at 6am.. .Not so great for bmi either to have an A321 stranded in an airport for 16 hours! <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

29th Jan 2002, 03:19
CF Do they have hangarage facilities at Harbour?Or did the engineer have to work in the rain and wind? Don't envy him/her if they did!