View Full Version : Does anyone still believe binge drinking is harmless ?

15th Mar 2005, 23:01
alcoholic liver disease (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4348559.stm) on the rise.

Strangely it's still decreasing on this side of the Channel (figures here (http://www.ofdt.fr/BDD/seristat/00017.htm) - I guess there is no need for translation)

Pablo Martin
15th Mar 2005, 23:10

Wow, looks just like me!


15th Mar 2005, 23:16
Very interesting, death rate from cirrhosis may be increasing in the UK and decreasing in France.


France still has a higher death rate from cirrhosis than England

Onan the Clumsy
15th Mar 2005, 23:43
Pablo is your glass half full or...

15th Mar 2005, 23:47
No... it's half empty ;) Unlike my glass which is...



16th Mar 2005, 03:53
No?! What have you heard?

16th Mar 2005, 10:09
More on the subject : New scientist (http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn7151)

Do I see a pattern here w/r to changes to licensing laws ?

Tonic Please
16th Mar 2005, 10:50
Yes, you do.

I have never understood how getting pi$$ed on purpose is a good night out. A 'friend' of mine used to be polite, nice, arranging get togethers until about 1 year ago she met 2 guys our age. Now, she admits to being alcoholic and, what SERIOUS annoys me is that she advertises her drinking and boasts about how much she drank, and has stupid MSN messenger names etc, referring to "i'm really cool i mixed a with b and you shouldn't do that".

Constantly telling me that she can't wait for this night and cant remember the other night. Well, why then, do you get all excited and waste money to erase your memory and call it a good fun night out?

Her current name is "Whats worse than being hungover? Sober!"

Yes, ok clare. Please go away.

Oh look, she's just signed in...Wonder if she remembers yesterday?

Pablo Martin
16th Mar 2005, 11:00
It is a bit of an immature thing to do to boast about drinking.

But what makes me more annoyed is really young people like 14 year olds boasting about the same sort of thing. As if it is cool to hang about on a freezing street corner drinking white lightning.

It really is quite annoying and sad!

tony draper
16th Mar 2005, 11:06
Just go on the waggon for seven years,thats he time it takes to grow a new liver, for every cell to be replaced,so they recon.:rolleyes:

tall and tasty
16th Mar 2005, 11:12
Must say I do enjoy the odd drink and I am not going to judge why people do do it other than in young people it always seems to be a competition or even pressure from piers.

But I do know people who go out night after night who are not working the next day and get absolutely plastered and then remember little of there activities.

My question why? I had my drinks spiked about 9 years ago and it still worries me that there is a portion of my life I do not know what happened to me. No one will tell me when I ask. It is only 4 hours in an evening but it is a total blank and that is what worries the most.

But Binge drinking may lead on to other antisocial things including having to drink more and more to get the same effect.

But the effects of it are not immediate and I think people don't realise that. When cirrhosis is diagnosed it is too late to repair that portion of the liver. It is also apparently very very painful condition

Drinking like anything is ok if done in total moderation


16th Mar 2005, 23:56
Just out of interest has anyone heard of the power of milk thistle ?

17th Mar 2005, 00:18
Yes. A couple of weeks before last Christmas my 19 year-old son heard about milk thistle and he asked me to buy some in Sainsburys. It was out of stock and continued to be out of stock for weeks. I think the whole population of Bedford had heard about milk thistle and had bought up the supply to help them over the Christmas binge!! :)

Morgan James
17th Mar 2005, 01:44
I can't believe that anyone would ever have considered binge drinking to be anything BUT harmful. I often wonder what the result would be if we showed people videos of themselves taken while they are drunk. At the time, they probably think they are being very entertaining, witty, amusing or clever or any combination of those. There is not much that is appealing (to my mind) in slurred speech, staggering gait, coarse behaviour and the creation of "pavement pizzas." Nothing funny about drunks at all and the least funny are the teenagers who are trying to appear cool.

Secret Squire
17th Mar 2005, 22:01
Its all properganda - ask any student, they'll tell you its nothing but healthy!!!


18th Mar 2005, 00:00
... but does rob you of the ability to punctuate and spell properly.

18th Mar 2005, 00:10
Only on Fridays, or paydays. In the middle of the week sometimes. On the day before Friday or payday. Anytime one's had bad news. Or it's just been a bad day. When the MIL comes round. Or anytime before or after. (I don't have one but the mere thought is enough...) :O

18th Mar 2005, 09:38
Well there you go, stupid, single brain celled p*ss artists marred the St Patrick's Day parades in Dublin & selfishly ruined the fun for everyone else as usual.

In a two-hour period last night ambulance crews in Dubin were called to deal with 25 drink-related assaults. Gardai in Limerick made 24 arrests from early afternoon as drunken St Patrick's Day revellers crowded the steets.

One stabbing victim was in a critical condition.

So you boring idiots who think its smart, clever & cute to 'show off ' about how p*ssed you get, do you still think so now?

Get a grip. :mad: