View Full Version : Spanking the monkey!

Cyclic Hotline
15th Mar 2005, 21:06
Well, how good are you? (http://www.funny-games.biz/spank-monkey.html)

553 mph!;)

Pablo Martin
15th Mar 2005, 21:14

Played this be4, works best on laptops with the touch pad, turn the sensitivity up to full and you can get really high scores.

Jesus...... how sad am I.......... :\


15th Mar 2005, 21:14
840mph *cackles with glee*

15th Mar 2005, 21:39
It will make you go blind :suspect:

Oh, I just found the "Sweet Girl Tickle" game on the site..........nice.

Pablo Martin
15th Mar 2005, 21:52
Okay, Im am actually the most reatarded person in the world.

Trying to get a good score with a conventional mouse. Flicked mouse across, knocked over full glass of white wine!!! Sucha waste of good wine and all over computer as well.

So thankyou for encoraging my stupidity. :=

If you will excuse me I'm off to the computing forum!


15th Mar 2005, 22:01
Good, while your there, see if you can come up with an answer for me (you'll see it!)

Pablo Martin
15th Mar 2005, 22:06
Done! doesn't realli help you much, Sorry, as I did just say I am officially the worlds biggest retard!


16th Mar 2005, 02:59
It will make you go blind
Well I guess the race is on between spanking vs moniter radiation.

Val d'Isere
16th Mar 2005, 06:16
My keybord and mouse are all sticky now. :(

16th Mar 2005, 08:15
I cheated,
click on the icon the pick your mouse up and flick the ball with your thumb.

Air Soul
16th Mar 2005, 12:42
My mouse hasn't even got one ball.....:(

16th Mar 2005, 14:15
flick the ball with your thumb.

I bet the ladies love you ;)

16th Mar 2005, 21:12
Prefer this one myself ;)
Tickle (http://www.funny-games.biz/sweet-girl-tickle.html) :E

17th Mar 2005, 00:50
672mph :(

"Sweet Girl Tickle" :ok: :8