View Full Version : Make Me a Supermodel.

Val d'Isere
15th Mar 2005, 17:12
This Channel 5 series is distinctly weak in it's production and content, but I'm not exactly watching it due to a desperate concern for such things.

Nope, the totty content is the object of the exercise.

In that respect there's big disappointment too, with one exception. Jasmine should win by several light years.

I saw her first. :E

Standard Noise
15th Mar 2005, 18:40
Nah sod that, i'll have Rachael Hunter instead. Nice assets.:E

Onan the Clumsy
15th Mar 2005, 19:36
sod that Back to Fourth form Biology for you methinks. :p

15th Mar 2005, 20:49
I tend to agree re Jasmine. Something not quite right there, but quite startling looks wise, which I thought is what it`s supposed to be about.

Pablo Martin
15th Mar 2005, 20:59
Flicked on, saw a really unattactive girl with a weird arse (the only way of describing it.....tastefully) and non-exsistant "stit" (to use a bit of reverse speach :8 :} ) And all the judges were insulting her so flicked off, end of story + post.

Just in case your intrested in my sad exsistance! :p


P.S. I don't watch that much TV :=

16th Mar 2005, 06:32
If I supply the wool can you make on for me as well please?

Val d'Isere
16th Mar 2005, 06:38
I tend to agree re Jasmine. Something not quite right there, but quite startling looks wise.
She should'nt be penalised for "Something not quite right there...", it just proves she's female. :rolleyes:

Apart from which, have you listened to the rest of them?

Frightening! :uhoh:

16th Mar 2005, 09:12
:suspect: hmmm I've yet to catch this program.

However, my question is... is she fitter than the lass on "Average Joe - Hawaii"

(a quick google gave her name as Larissa Meek). I'd not kick her out of bed on a Sunday morning (unless it was to make me breakfast and then get back under the douvet with me) :E

Miss World
16th Mar 2005, 09:51
I quite like the show, although its similar to one that was done on Ch4 not so long ago.

As for you's thinking jasmine should win, i dont agree shes got way to much of an attitude problem.

Topcat450, the girl was very pretty, however very shallow because the average guy was much nicer!! Don't know his name.