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Onan the Clumsy
15th Mar 2005, 14:07
I finally looked it up. It means Scotland Forever.

Gaelic primer (http://www.siol-nan-gaidheal.com/gaelprime.htm)

lesson 1 (http://www.siol-nan-gaidheal.com/lesson1.htm)

Warning, electronic bagpipes! (http://www.scotlandroyalty.org/scotland.html)

15th Mar 2005, 14:11
Davaar could have told you that...:p

Onan the Clumsy
15th Mar 2005, 14:16
He would mac siccar I knew it :8

Big Tudor
15th Mar 2005, 14:37
Well, you only had to ask! ;)

tony draper
15th Mar 2005, 14:42
Buggah not many of them Jockastani Kings died in bed, most of em seem to have been slewed by their own chaps ,except those slain by the English of course, thankless job if yer ask me.
Those electronic bagpipes could benifit from some good Humbuckers.

Onan the Clumsy
15th Mar 2005, 14:46
Big T I suppose, but it seemed like a good project to go and find it out on my own.

I have to be honest (and I'm reeeeally sorry for this)...

...I thought it was Klingon :(

Big Tudor
15th Mar 2005, 14:52
as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom -for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with his life itself.
Live by the sword, die by the sword. Too many people with a stake on the Scottish throne drapes.
I have to admit Onan, some of my countrymen bear a striking resemblance to Klingons!

tony draper
15th Mar 2005, 14:57
Ah Wallace, he caused a bit of bother round my neck of the woods,with pillage rape burning slaying and such, still, we got our own back, we got a peice of him yer know.

Big Tudor
15th Mar 2005, 15:09
Indeed Drapes. In fact Wicked Willy was one of the few who had no intention of being King of the Scots. He was doing a pretty good job till Edward had him spit roasted and carved up.

Twasn't just Wallace who ventured forth into Northumbria and Cumbria. Successive Kings laid claim to the lands of North England for centuries until Alexander II signed a pact with Henry (i think it was) that he would leave them alone. Didn't stop future generations having occasional soirrees across the Border. Even Bonnie Prince Charlie got as far south as Derby before he had his backside soundly kicked. :(

15th Mar 2005, 15:21
I recall reading that what with Scots armies coming south and English armies heading north (all keeping to the correct side of the road one hopes) Berwick-upon-Tweed changed hands so many times that eventually no-one knew if it was English or Scottish and all peace treaties have to have Berwick as a seperate signee in addition to England, Scotland, Wales etc.

Which also, I believe, led to a situation where Berwick had been at war with Russia from 1918 onwards (when the rest signed a peace treaty and they forgot about Berwick).

Anyone know if that is true?

Big Tudor
15th Mar 2005, 15:36
It was the Crimean War MadsDad. Berwick was a Free Burgh and when war was declared on the Russians it was done in the name of Great Britain, Ireland & Berwick, unfortunately Berwick was left off the list at the end of the war.

Robbie Burns was none too keen on the place either:

A bridge without a middle arch
A church without a steeple
A midden heap in every street
And damned conceited people.

tony draper
15th Mar 2005, 16:14
I think it belongs to us now, one recals Eddie Longshanks put all the citizens of Berwick to the sword on one of his frequent visits.
One istalled some Police Cameras up there, so at least they would have the slaying on tape now.

Big Tudor
15th Mar 2005, 16:51
None too keen on the Scots was yer Mr Longshanks. His brand of justice was fairly terminal to the guilty party as well! :eek:

tony draper
15th Mar 2005, 16:58
Hmmm wonder if the haunted shop window is still there?,anybody touching the window display of bottles which had not been touched for hundreds of years, used to die.
Of course saying that, anybody who touches my door knocker will also die, eventually.

15th Mar 2005, 17:29
Many years ago my father was on his way somewhere in that heathen land, when his Scottish driver annnounced " This is the site of the battle of Bannochburn", to which my old man replied " Isn't this where we gave you a good beating then?"

Driver never spoke to him again.

Lon More
15th Mar 2005, 17:32
I heard that the last time Berwick changed hands the Mayor got down on his knees to give thanks as he couldn't stand any more of those Scottish winters

Strange people in that neck of the woods anyway, i wouldn't want to be a monkey :O

Big Tudor Something similar occured with the outbreak of WWI when the Royal and Ancient Kingdom of Fife was included in the declaration of war on Germany. It was not later included in the peace documents and therefore remains in a state of war.

Maude Charlee
15th Mar 2005, 18:40
If you're referring to monkey hanging during the Napoleonic wars, then you are about 100 miles off course. That was the slag heap of Hartlepool, the @rse end of the cesspit presently masquerading as Teesside. :yuk:

El Grifo
15th Mar 2005, 18:50
One of the most excellent things abot the Geordies is their sense of humour. They often describe themselves as "Scotsmen with their brains kicked in"

I love a community which has the ability to make fun of itself.

The Scousers and the Weedgies also fall into this catagory.

Standard Noise
15th Mar 2005, 18:54
Got this text message a few days ago........

Welcome to the Scottish FA txt page.
Press 1 to see fixtures.
Press 2 to see team news.
Press 3 if you can play next week.

:p :p

Big Tudor
15th Mar 2005, 18:56
Apparently Berwick and Russia only signed a peace accord in 1966. The mayor of Berwick told the Russian ambassador "The people of Russia can sleep soundly in their beds now." I'm sure it was a great weight off Breschnev's mind knowing that the good Burghers of Berwick wouldn't try to invade the Kremlin! :rolleyes:

El Grifo - The standard Geordie attitude is "No one else takes us seriously so why should we?"

Standard Noise - I have been to First Division games in Scotland where the players outnumbered the crowd. If I remember correctly, Brechin City's ground was upgraded to all seater by DFS! ;)

tall and tasty
15th Mar 2005, 19:03
some of my countrymen bear a striking resemblance to Klingons :confused:

None of the Scotsmen I have met look anything like Klingons,
all very polite, handsome and charming

:p ;)

TnT :E

Lon More
15th Mar 2005, 20:25
Maude Teeside, Newcastle, Berwick - all the same isn't it?

In the birthplace of a certain Mister Blair
long after the gallant Robert McIntyre.
Sillars at last won our Govan town fair
amid the chorus of a Scottish bred choir!
Labour's about turn was in evidence now
in appealing for a new Scottish motion.
All but giving us a nationalistic vow
such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

As history's cry haunts our God-fearing land
a man's vision of freedom we can regain!
With all Scots people working hand in hand
Braveheart's feat will not be in vain!
Together with our monarch Robert The Bruce
and an autonomous Scottish declaration.
They would not accept to surrender or truce
with such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

No apologies can come from any Scot's bard
whether here or in that other story!
We both have marked the auld enemy's card
for the sake of Scotland's glory!
Burns's genius words through time traverse
to take us further than devolution!
It's not only for Scottish eyes this English verse
yet least for a parcel of rogues in a nation!

Our God rests easy in his heavenly bed
with two trustees manning his pearly gate!
As they sit they sew with a holy golden thread
creating the seeds of new Scotland's fate!
Watching eagle eyed from that heaven above
sit Wallace and Burns under God's direction.

Ken F. Adamson
Sendin' doon a warnin' tae be aye carefu' of
sic' a parcel o' rogues in yon nation!

Big Tudor
15th Mar 2005, 20:46
There's obviously a few you haven't met yet TnT.

The Real Slim Shady
16th Mar 2005, 12:27
A fine likeness of the Chairman of the steering commitee for the 'Govan European Cultural Community of 2006' application.

The planned regatta will challenge Henley and training will begin at Ibrox shortly when the rag and bone men and milkmen bring their nags round for the polo team.