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Irish Steve
15th Mar 2005, 02:16
And before the moderators get ansty, this is NOT a windup, it's happened, (e-mail validation can be forwarded if necessary) and it could be about to cost a number of people in Ireland a lot of money. A message about this was posted earlier in R & N, but it's not even been moved, it's been deleted.

Given the number of people that could be directly affected by this, that's a little unfriendly, I've seen much more irrelevant threads left on board for a lot longer.

The outfit formerly known as Ryanair Telecom, (www.ryanairtelecom.com) more recently known as Buytel (www.buytel.com) has tonight pulled the plug on it's landline service. As they were at one time very heavily advertised on Ryanair, and also were the provider of the FR phone card call system, it's likely that quite a few people also signed up with them for landline, as they were a lot cheaper than Eircom.

That's past, they are supposedly moving all users over to another supplier, but I for one will be very surprised and more than a little relieved if they also transfer over the credit balance that is outstanding.

So, anyone that used Ryanair Telecom/Buytel, all I can suggest is that you get your account data off the website before it closes, as that may be the only proof you have of what they owe you if it comes to a court case.

15th Mar 2005, 09:37
Ryanair running a Telco?

Were you able to call the person you wanted to speak directly to or did he have to take the call at another number half a mile down the road?

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Irish Steve
15th Mar 2005, 11:28
Ryanair running a Telco?

Not quite sure how it worked, but at one time, all the FR seat head rest covers had an advertising theme on them for "Ryanair Telecom", and all the steps at Dublin were covered in Ryanair Telecom adverts, so much like FR themselves, they were pretty much in your face.:D

They were selling a pre pay call card that meant you could "call home" for a lot less than the price of things like hotel phones or payphones. Then they also started offering land line calls here in Ireland, then a few months later, they changed their name ( which might even be significant in the overall end game, maybe MOL found out things that made him pull the plug)

In recent months, they've been promoting a europe wide mobile that is supposedly a lot cheaper than using a mobile under roaming, but I'd not gone down that route.

They were also offering the pre pay call system here in Ireland, which until Feruary worked well, and was a LOT cheaper than Eircom, and cheaper than most other call carriers.

They had what they described as a "technical problem" in February, which killed their service for a week, and when they came back, they sent out E-mails saying they were "taking steps to prevent a similar failure in future", but it now starts to look like they've spent more than their income, and someone pulled the plug, which they got round for a few weeks, but have now had to admit defeat on.

What could get embarrassing is that they were a pay up front operation, so depending on how much you paid up front, they could now be sitting on money that's not theirs. Trouble is, getting it back if there's none left could be a big pain.

I am guessing that a good few FR staff may have gone with them, as the prices they offered were a lot more attractive, especially for international calls, hence the post here, to if nothing else give people a heads up as to why their phone isn't working.