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PPRuNe Pop
14th Mar 2005, 21:09
It's that time of the year when thoughts are turning towards the Spring and Summer months to see the beautiful selection of old aircraft at Old Warden.

More info will follow.

But HERE is a taster (http://www.shuttleworth.org/html/main/index.htm)

Grandad Biggles
21st Mar 2005, 11:01
And at least for the first part of the season the crowd line will be uncluttered with parked aircraft.

A delight for photographers and spectators alike. Can't do much about the speakers though at the moment.

The newly surfaced section of the normal runway, as of yesterday, is greening up nicely but needs more time for consiolidation before it can be used.

26th Mar 2005, 18:51
Grandad Biggles,

What is the estimate for opening the new grassed area of the runway? Been past it a lot recently and it is looking nice and green. Noticed the shiny new windsock today. Very fetching!



Grandad Biggles
27th Mar 2005, 20:46
Deep C

There has been much improvement and a lot of work recently, to have it reach the current standard but we still need to give it time to settle and the grass to establish itself properly.

With some luck it will be usable later in the season but we are not putting a date to it at the moment.

Peter Barron
8th Apr 2005, 19:39
Can anyone from Shuttleworth tell me if the Comet is going to fly this year.

Come on chaps, you know it make sense, get it where it should be, back in the sky:ok:

11th Apr 2005, 11:13
Are they using the reprofiled bit of runway yet. I think I saw the Gemini slinging itself around the sky yesterday afternoon as I drove past G&M Growers and on toward Southill.



You want it when?
14th May 2005, 07:36
Don't forget it's worth a visit even on the non flying days. We went last weekend, pretty quiet, no rush lots to see - the short people loved it, took ages to get them past playing with the floating ball in hanger one.


14th Aug 2005, 19:46
Mrs K & I, Rallye Driver, UV and a busload of assorted aviation persons went to the Aero Proms yesterday evening. Although it was quite showery during the flying display, the weather cleared up for the second half of the concert & we had a wonderful time.

Thank you to the pilots for displaying their aircraft so well in such marginal conditions.

Aug 12th 2006 - make a note now.