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14th Mar 2005, 19:19
We have just been treated to new PC's at work, and we now have sound cards!

Great fun, and I'm now looking for a few sources for jet engine sounds. I've already got Harry's F-104 site,


which has some good ol' J-79 din, anyone know of any other sources? (preferably
LOUD) :p

14th Mar 2005, 20:23
How about this one? (http://www.sound-effect.com/sounds/city/Printer05.aif)

A bit noisy n'est ce pas?! :(

Edited to add a valid link to some jetplane sounds... (http://www.jfs.no/film_english.html), well at least 1 is a jet... :O

Onan the Clumsy
14th Mar 2005, 20:31
we now have sound cards! :confused:

Do you work for the government? (it's 2005 now)

14th Mar 2005, 20:35
Worse than the Government......a large global freight company!

(Internet policy.....thou shalt not use the pooter for any non-business-related activity, etc, etc..) :yuk:

Conan the Librarian
14th Mar 2005, 23:48
I actually feel slightly embarassed about complete anorak status, but somewhere on my mega PC I have the start sequence for a few jets and APUs. I was looking for a sim start from the Vulcan, but the Derwent is to me, just as magical. If anyone wants to hear it, then PM me and I will forward it in a plain brown wrapper.

15th Mar 2005, 02:40
If your computer can reproduce the sounds of a Vulcan simstart it must be a fearsome machine. A single Olympus was enough to rattle the kidneys. All four cranking up together was the most terrifying experience I ever lived through. Mind you I was usually underneath, removing the ground power connections at the time. Wheel-dancing on a B1A with a stuck simstart lead and the aircraft rolling has to be the ultimate thrill for any young Liney.

I love the Vulcan. Nothing else can ever come near it for sheer fun. Its what got me into this aviation mess in the first place. :ok: