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Tonic Please
14th Mar 2005, 16:54
Bonjour tout le monde

I have recently discovered this new craze called Reverse Speech.

Heres the deal. The brain has a conscious and and sub-conscious state, mine working predominantly with the latter ( :} ) When we speak, it was generally known that we used our conscious mind to compose our sentence's words, content, intonation etc and then speak. Now, Mr Oates of Australia has discovered that we actually don't do that after all (closely follows my thing about not listening to things about food doesn't it :rolleyes: ).

We speak on a "bi-conscious level". Our sub-conscious slightly before hand creating what we actually feel, and feeding this into the conscious speech, but in reverse. Therefore, should our female companions ask us if their as_ looks big in it, instead of saying "hang on, let me take a few steps back to get the whole lot in one view", we can confidently say "yes, darling its lovely"...HOWEVER, to her unawares, and ours, should that speech be reversed by means of a tape player for example (or, if you want, record into your computer and use some free software to reverse what you say) it would more than likely reveal what our sub-conscious actually feels. I'll let you make your own sub-conscious hidden message sentences.

Now it doesn't apparently work like "take this sentence, and say all the letters back", it works on sounds and what we recognise in our language, so dont say "i travelled around the world" when you did't, and then reverse and expect to hear "dlrow ew dnuora dellevart". Well, do, but within this, you might also hear, as clear as day.. "not really" or something ilke this.

I'm skeptical.. Ill tell you now. But I'm going to spend my free afternoon recording purpose untrue statements, or talk to my computer about my life for 30 seconds and reverse it to listen in on my results.

The reason he thinks this is also because when babies are born and during their first months, the giberish they talk is actually normal speech, but backwards. So, as time progresses, the brain sorts out and learns which "way" to speak. Therfore, record a child of 10 months old (like he did, his daughter), and reverse their speech and expect to understand them :hmm:

I will post my findings. (Reversed: no i wont) :} :O

Onan the Clumsy
14th Mar 2005, 18:11
Isn't that how you summon Satan?


Tonic Please
14th Mar 2005, 19:29
I just shout downstairs for that

Pablo Martin
14th Mar 2005, 19:52
Wow, that may actually be the oddest post I have ever read! (apart from the occasional Jerrico one! ;) )

I am a bit sleepy :zzz: so I had to read it about 5 times before I knew wot on earth you were going on about!

If that really works its amazing! But then again the guy who discovered it is called Oates and comes from australia!

(No offense blue diamond etc. ):}

14th Mar 2005, 19:57
When I say "I think you're talking [email protected]" what I really mean is "Wow! I think there may be something in this."

14th Mar 2005, 21:15
apart from the occasional Jerrico one!


Tonic Please
14th Mar 2005, 22:03
Sorry you had to read it so many times, Pablo.

Glad it's arrousing some interest. I'm now finally about to do some "reverse speeches". I will talk to my very sensitive and understanding PC and lie to it, seeing if my reverse speech reveals the truth.

I guess I could provide the files on here couldn't I.

Go to www.reversespeech.com and see for yourself :)


14th Mar 2005, 22:14
When I was young lad this trick was used to swear without being found out.

I later found that "backslang" had reputedly been spoken by butchers for years, as a means of privately communicating with each other in front of customers.

I've no idea if there's truth in this at all, but it was certainly told to me as if it were factual more than 40 years ago.

Pablo Martin
14th Mar 2005, 22:15
I have done reverse speech before.

Interestingly we were playing with a sound processing unit in my schools recording studio.

We said things forward, listened, got the processor to reverse it, listened, n then recorded us trying to mimic what it sounded like backwards. Then we got the processor to turn the reversed sound around and see if it sounds like normal and suprisingly it works quite well.

Not that that has much to do with the topic! Just thought it was interesting :O

Tonic Please
14th Mar 2005, 22:38
I suppose Pablo, that thats just the long way (and probably less accurate) than what my computer is doing for me. I found a great piece of free (yes, totally free no time limits hidden) from download.com. Search for FREE wave editor, and its called audacity.

I have waffled on for one minute about some rubbish and some truths, and reversed it and stuck it on repeat about 15 times. Interesting how you actually recognise genuine sentences. I'm now, seeing as ive got this far, seeing if i can work out what I actually said to see if this seemingly reversed speech relates to the forward speech.

If it does I'll be..i dont know. Scared? it is dark, and i am the only one awake :ugh:

15th Mar 2005, 02:17
:confused: ?here on going is f*ck the what know to wants who one only the I am

15th Mar 2005, 02:58
They tried teaching us to speak backwards in Grammar School*. It was called Latin. No wonder the Roman Empire collapsed when they were around going, the sentence the verb at the end putting.

*For the benefit of our American cousins who go to Grammar School in short pants, in Britain these were elitist High Schools.

15th Mar 2005, 15:10
But isn't speech just expressing your thoughts, or not, as the case may be?! Very interesting topic Tonic ;) I myself have found myself thinking in French quite often, after so many years here. I'm not very good at French-thinking, so it takes me longer, thereby giving me the time to properly sort out my thoughts before uttering them out loud. In whatever language. Well, that's my theory anyway. When I was younger, I even passed the examinations for one of Blacksheep's grammar schools though I never got to one finally. I'm sure that I was making sense when I was even younger though, like when I was a mere gaggling 18 month old. I may have been crapping all over the place at that age but... :O

Tonic Please
15th Mar 2005, 15:26
What dont you understand reynolds?

airship, speech is expressing thoughts. This guy is saying though that, perhaps if we are having counselling, it's possible to record the session, and reverse it, listening for the true answers which we were unable to give either because we did not want to, or simply do not know the answer.

I'm not promoting it. I think it's pretty interesting enough to share with JB, so I hope you dont think I'm a "weirdo" or something. Im not! Really! :E

I must admit my results are rather lacking in anything, but I can clearly hear my reversed speech say something like "went to france" when I say forward "i have just returned from a round the world cruise". So, either its me or maybe my subconscious is inputting the real truth, as is suggested, backwards into my real speech??

I shall continue my amateur research :)

15th Mar 2005, 15:41
I guess we should all say our prayers out loud, instead of just thinking them then... :8

Onan the Clumsy
15th Mar 2005, 16:24
(1) There was a slang used in the gay underworld of London in the fifties, called Volari or something that did something like this.

(2) The French have something similar to spoonerisms where they say the syllables backwards, so Corrupt becomes Ruptcor. I know this because there was a film made about it, maybe ten years ago. A fairly amusing detective story set in Paris and the crooks had a racehorse called Ruptcor. I forget the name of the slang though.

(3) I recently heard an article on the radio about how birds learn their songs. Apparently it's backwards. THey know this because they recorded an adult bird and used the tape to teach the baby birds. They did it phrase by phrase, just like the adult would, but reversed the order of introduction and the birds sing backwards now "Here's some food for you. Tweet. I want to give away some food"

Scientists can be such [email protected]@rds at times.

15th Mar 2005, 18:20
So when people spout forth...

Weapons of mass destruction
Axis of evil
40 minutes (or was it 40 seconds - it's all so long ago)
Nothing to do with oil

And then finally utter...


Is that like uhmmm, reverse speech too?! :}

15th Mar 2005, 18:37
No airship, I think that sounds more like a stuck record...:zzz:

15th Mar 2005, 19:55
What dont you understand reynolds?

I apologise. I really must try and lighten up :( - on all levels

15th Mar 2005, 20:10
Tonic Please, There's a flaw with your experiment.

You say in your first post that the 'subconscious' causes the hidden meaning to be present in the reversed speech.
So surely if the lie is premeditated the subconscious will not affect the inflection of the voice or the structure of the words used hence the 'real' meaning will not be present when the sentence is listened to backwards.

Isn't that obvious? :rolleyes:

Butchers 'backslang' does indeed exist.
It's used mostly to alert a coworker to a female customer worthy of coming to take a look at.

For example Harry serving the customer might call to his mate out the back 'John, teesabs.' which would translate as 'John, this ones got a great pair of bangers. Come take a look.'
The customer would assume that 'teesabs' were some sort of butchers utensil or jargon and hence think nothing of the comment, if they notice it at all.

The reversal of the words is not exact (hence 'breasts' becoming 'teesabs') in order to make the words easy to say and sound natural. The 's' of a plural stays at the end.

It is used for other purposes too.
If you ever ask for something not on display and Harry calls out 'John, bring some of that deelow lamb please mate.' dont be fooled into thinking that 'deelow' is a well renowned lamb breeding region.
Think about it...... :yuk:

tall and tasty
15th Mar 2005, 20:27
They tried teaching us to speak backwards in Grammar School*. It was called Latin.

Blacksheep - thank you for making that clear! I never understood Latin and why we had to do it for so long at school

A ploy to make me speak the Queen's English better! :p

Don't think it worked though :(


Val d'Isere
16th Mar 2005, 07:33
dlrow ew dnuora dellevart
It would seem that the whole Welsh nation are centuries ahead of the theory. :rolleyes:

16th Mar 2005, 09:49
Done before on the telly - Twin Peaks - the nightclub scene (one of the last episodes ?) The vertically challenged gent (dwarf) trying to confuse Kyle MacLachlan by speaking "reverse speak" - real spooky :eek:

The Real Slim Shady
16th Mar 2005, 13:14
Wasn't there a heavy metal band taken to Court in the US a few years ago beacuse some eejit played the record backwards and heard 'lyrics' encouraging him to go out and murder people ?

And how did Dubya get away with doing it anyway????

Echo Zulu Yankee
16th Mar 2005, 14:39
The Real Slim Shady,

You aren't thinking of MeatLoaf are you? (Not heavy metal by any standards I know)

He was taken to court a while back after someone decided to play the intro to his "Hot Summers Night" backwards (what the hell for I don't know) and, after trying it myself, it sounds spookily like: "Satan; We are seeking to Follow you"

Scary stuff!