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14th Mar 2005, 15:46
Right, I'm cancelling my vogue subscription, if this is the best they can do then I just give up.

'Style Icon' Coleen to Appear in Vogue

Unlikely icon: Coleen is set to appear in the world's top fashion title

Wayne Rooney's fiancée Coleen McLoughlin is to appear in style bible Vogue.

The Liverpudlian teenager, often mocked by the media for her tendency to wear clashing designer items, is claimed to have impressed magazine bosses.

A source was quoted as saying: "British editor [of Vogue] Alexandra Shulman spotted Coleen in a London restaurant and was struck by how beautiful and stylish she is.

"The upshot is that Coleen will be doing a spread in the June edition. She may even be on the cover."

Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Winslet have previously appeared on the magazine's front cover, reports The Sun.

A spokesperson for Coleen said: "She is a beautiful young woman whose clear sense of style is increasingly making her an icon."

14th Mar 2005, 15:54
A spokesperson for Coleen said......

She's not going to say much else really when she's no doubt being paid a fortune by Rooney.

Do'ya know, I often wonder why young Ms. Colleen was so forgiving when Wayne was caught sha**ing that Granny...

15th Mar 2005, 01:33
We are talking about the top defender in The Washington College Women's soccer team (http://athletics.washcoll.edu/wsoccer/team/mcloughlin.html) , right?

Atlas Shrugged
15th Mar 2005, 02:19
Coleen will be doing a spread in the June edition Umm................????

:confused: :confused:

15th Mar 2005, 06:25
The Adventures of .........SUPERCHAV

15th Mar 2005, 06:35
Very posh..... :D

15th Mar 2005, 08:27
..........spreading what, I wonder!


Standard Noise
15th Mar 2005, 08:39
Omigod! It's Notsoposh and Shreks.:yuk: