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14th Mar 2005, 13:58

14th Mar 2005, 14:12
What amazes me is how (s)he does the knifes and forks inside that basket.
At least with me, as I keep the washing machine door shut during cleaning.

14th Mar 2005, 14:38
I doubt my long suffering Boyfriend even knows what the sink is for let alone a dishwasher....if you asked him I'm sure he'd say I was the dishwasher!

(sorry hun :) )


Burnt Fishtrousers
14th Mar 2005, 14:57
My dishwasher stopped working today

..shes gone away with her friends.....:E

Onan the Clumsy
14th Mar 2005, 15:08
That's a Bosch btw :8

Very good (ie quiet) machine.

14th Mar 2005, 15:09
I've got one of them too! I have the alsatian version though.:}

14th Mar 2005, 15:13
One also notices that dishwasher isn't overloaded, as we discussed here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=142042) .

14th Mar 2005, 18:22
Nah, definitely a Canadian machine...they leak and whine a lot when new BTW.

Air Soul
14th Mar 2005, 18:56
Usual old jokes....

What's the difference between a woman and a dishwasher?
None - both leak when they're f:mad: d

Why does the bride traditionally wear white?
Standard colour for domestic appliances


14th Mar 2005, 19:01
I waited 3 months after the G/f moved in before asking why she didn't cook/wash-up...

"Well if you'd only tell me where the feckin kitchen is..."

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Pablo Martin
14th Mar 2005, 19:01
Air Soul,

That first ones a shocker!

Nearly fell off my chair


This man comes home from work and his wife whines, "Honey, the dishwasher is broken." He says to her, "Who do I look like - the Whirlpool man?"

A few weeks later, the husband comes home from work and his wife whines, "Honey, the washing machine is broken." He says, "Who do I look like - the Maytag man?"

Another few weeks pass and he comes home from work and she whines, "Honey, the stove is broken." The husband answers, "Who do I look like - the Kenmore man?"

A few more weeks pass. When he comes home from work, his wife looks pretty happy. So he asks her, "What's the matter? Isn't anything broken?"

"No," she says, "Mr. Johnson from next door came over and fixed everything, and all I had to do to repay him was either bake him a cake or go to bed with him."

So what kind of a cake did you make him?" inquired the husband. To which the wife replied, "Who do I look like - Betty Crocker!?!"

Not quite as good but the best I can do at short notice. I will think about it!