View Full Version : Emery & Sun Country...bite the dust

8th Dec 2001, 09:59
Emery has announced that scheduled ops will not be resumed...contract carriers will be used.
And, Sun Country has announced that "scheduled ops" will terminate... well, big surprise...they simply could NOT maintain a schedule with NW in the chase...
Wonder WHEN carriers will stick to their "niche" operations?
"Deep pockets" are required... those are the hard facts. :eek:

8th Dec 2001, 18:39
I’ve noticed very few operators in the US make the transitions from non-sched to scheduled airline and survive.

8th Dec 2001, 19:06
Not quite "bit the dust" as such! More of a change of policy. To say that they "bit the dust" suggests that they have ceased all operations!

8th Dec 2001, 19:29
America West has just about run out of its borrowed cash. It's unbelievable why management makes no changes now so as to avoid Chapter 11 later. Does it take a Harvard Business graduate to add numbers?

8th Dec 2001, 19:50
Well Avman, in the case of Emery...they have ceased all flight operations, as in kaput.
And GlueBall is quite correct, AmWest has NEVER had their collective act together...the legacy of Michael Conway lives on.