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10th Mar 2005, 22:30
On 9th January 2001 members of the Royal Netherlands Air Force salvage team visited Bourn to return a propellor from a Lancaster which had been recently excavated in Holland.

The aircraft was a Mk III - JB659, fuselage number OF-J that took off from Bourn at 17:10 GMT on January 30th 1944. The aircraft was returning from a raid on Berlin and was shot down by a Messerschmidt 110 nightfighter on its return home.

The propellor was to be used as part of a memorial to be built at Bourn Airfield. Unfortunately, some time during the last two weeks the propellor has been stolen from the Rural Flying Corps' premises at Bourn.

The Rural Flying Corps would be most interested to receive any information which might lead to the return of this piece of history to its rightful home.

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