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PPRuNe Pop
8th Mar 2005, 22:12
I would not normally put something like this here but I am so impressed I thought it should be shared. Don't know who he is but he is ACE...............................................

You will be amazed!


Its about 12mb but such joy I promise you.

8th Mar 2005, 23:13
With the power to weight ratio of a model I can well understand that those manoevers are possible but I would never have thought that anyone would be able to actually perform them, particularly with such precision..
I am not normally a fan of R/C model flying but that is really impressive.
If you have broadband you owe it to yourself to have a look.

Mike W

henry crun
9th Mar 2005, 03:14
Thanks for posting that PPRuNe Pop, well worth the wait for it to download.
I wonder what engine he is using.

One r/c pilot I know of gives a similar display and has a 200cc flat four 2 stroke motor.
Probably pushing out about 20hp.

9th Mar 2005, 05:46
You will be amazed!

Amazed by the graphic all right You do know it's just a computer simulation, to show off graphics?

henry crun
9th Mar 2005, 06:33
18-Wheeler: You might think it is just a simulation but I disagree.

I have watched the person I referred to in my post above, and you can take my word for it, he gives a display similar to the one in the link.

Edit: I cannot find a link to a free video similar to the one above.
However, go here http://www.desertaircraft.com/shootout_2004/albums.php?RecordNum=2
and click on any of the pilots under 4 Min Free Style on the right side.
There are plenty of still shots from a major tournament showing models in a similar position.

PPRuNe Radar
9th Mar 2005, 07:06
Flown by Shrek I guess :)

CGI, amazing stuff !!

Peter Barron
9th Mar 2005, 09:25

Totally agree with you, its just computer graphics. nothing else.


vintage ATCO
9th Mar 2005, 11:35
It is the Aerofly RC simulator. Full details here http://www.aerofly.de/

Someone else knew the answer, not I! :D

Wouldn't mind having a go though!

Onan the Clumsy
9th Mar 2005, 15:07
more here (http://www.pprune.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=164506&highlight=cgi) :8

PPRuNe Pop
9th Mar 2005, 16:40
Still very impressive all in all! And I would like to have a go too.


Cornish Jack
9th Mar 2005, 18:42
Hugely impressive, indeed!
For those cynics with no R/C model flying experience it might be worth mentioning that Wolfgang Matt was flying a demo performance not vastly different from this some ten years ago at various R/C meets. OK so the heights were greater (not a lot!!) but the rolling circle, vertical torque rolls etc were all there. Similarly the Dutch Shadows (pulse jet team) were doing R/C fly bys at 300+ kts inverted and leaving fin scrapes on the runway! Given the huge improvement in radio gear over the last ten years the video wouldn't seem totally unlikely. There are some real aerial artists amongst the "toy aeroplane" fraternity:ok:

9th Mar 2005, 19:42

have a look at this. its extreme r/c aerobatics powered by electrickery.i have flown r/c electrics for quite a while but not to this standard

henry crun
9th Mar 2005, 21:28
Time for me to admit that, being an r/c modeller, I did not watch that video very critically and was fooled.

However, as Cornish Jack points out, the expert model pilots these days would astonish many full size pilots who had not previously seen them perform.

Onan the Clumsy
10th Mar 2005, 00:13
T'aint nuthin' new though (http://www.airandspacemagazine.com/ASM/Web/Site/QT/X13Ballet.html)

and this (http://www.airandspacemagazine.com/ASM/Web/Site/QT/X13TakeOff.html)

and this (http://www.airandspacemagazine.com/ASM/Web/Site/QT/PogoTakeOff.html)

erm... and this (http://www.airandspacemagazine.com/ASM/Web/Site/QT/PogoPullUp.html)


Bert Stiles
10th Mar 2005, 09:55
bolmas. That is impressive - until the landing. Given that he could choose to land it in just about any manner why choose that way ?