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Genghis the Engineer
27th Feb 2005, 22:37
I'm trying to help a friend identify something she's found in her (recently late) Grandfather's effects.

It's a pair of badges, of about the size that would fit on a shoulder (50mm wide, 70mm high, with a slight "parallelogram" effect to the shape.

The badge is on brown cloth with a sort of thin gold braid surround. The backing (it looks like it was cut from a uniform with a knife, one assumes the uniform's wearer had lost interest) is of a multilayered brown fabric, which looks like it may be synthetic - again brown. At the top is the "imperial" eagles wings with a swastika below (it's the more square version, not the rounded sort you assume with the Luftwaffe), below that is two diamond shaped "pips", and below that a single gold stripe from side to side.

My friend has no idea where her grandad served, although she's fairly certain it was in the RAF, probably as an NCO.

I've looked in what sources of reference are available to me, and really can't find anything that resembles the badges. Anybody got any idea?

Apologies for the lack of picture, I'm not geared up for that at the moment, but may be able to rectify the situation in a week or two.


Molesworth Hold
28th Feb 2005, 07:25
Sounds like they are NSDAP collar patches.
About half way down the page.

Genghis the Engineer
28th Feb 2005, 13:38
Spot on, thank you. An oberbereltschaftslelter no less, no idea what one was, but sounds impressive (or at-least, very very German!).


His dudeness
1st Mar 2005, 15:55
thats what we were best in....naming some dudes....
I just thank god, that IŽm so young, cause IŽnever would have learnd all the Insignia, most probly IŽd have ended in KZ for adressing an Obersauerkraut wrongly.

tom de luxe
1st Mar 2005, 20:48
Oberbereichsleiter is it. The colour indicates an Oberbereichsleiter at local level (Ortsgruppe). Not really a bigshot, more likely the kind of person to control a larger neighbourhood, a smaller Market Town, or a village, w/ a little help from the odd Blockwart. Often the kind of petit bourgeois who'd enjoy the power to abuse and control others that came with being both a Nazi party official and a member of the Master Race . Grassroot Nazis :yuk:

Genghis the Engineer
1st Mar 2005, 23:00
Just a shame my friend will probably now not work out how her Grandad came by these, I suspect it would be an interesting story!