View Full Version : Beagle 206S Series 3 G-AWLN

27th Feb 2005, 19:30
Does anyone know if the ten seater 206 is still alive and kicking?
I believe she was last reported in Brazil.

27th Feb 2005, 22:12
Thanks for the Chipmunk info! THere is supposed to be a Beagle or two left here at KFLL. I heard that Hill the yourger had started to rework them some time ago. His dad had them all over our ramp at Walkers' Cay Air Terminal back in the 70's. A beautiful bird they are.

28th Feb 2005, 07:28
Cor, I remember visiting KFLL about 20 years ago and being staggered by the number of Beagles there... sadly don't recall the 3 being amongst them, did it have a US reg?

A very interesting airfield then, lots of historic material, a lot of it sadly no longer with us. One notable survivor is the Starliner now at Kermit's place...

1st Mar 2005, 22:10
Has has been a long term resident of Brazil but sadly her airworthiness certificate seems to have lapsed. She is registered

1st Mar 2005, 22:25
Just been looking at AJJ's BCA Vol 1 = nah, not at KFLL when I woz there. Shame, it was a very attractive design! (No BEagle, we're not talking about you!)

Do recall Fairflight Riley Doves at Biggin though, G-ASUW, and another - any connection?

Sir George Cayley
6th Mar 2005, 19:21
Whilst talking rare Beagles. No Beags not you

But what about the original twin - The B242?

I think it went to an early '60s Farnboro but can find nothing of its fate.

Any Rearsby fans know?

Sir Gerge Cayley