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vintage ATCO
22nd Feb 2005, 21:05
"The weather over the north London suberb of Edgware on the afternoon of Sunday, 22 February 1925, was cold and dull with overcast skies. The wind, drifting from the south east, scarcely disturbed the wind stocking, but had increased to about 10mph after the doors of the erecting shop were finally closed against the gathering evening gloom. By that time, Geoffrey de Havilland had successfully flown the aeroplane he had designed to, as nearly as possible, his ideal private owner specification.

The DH.60, her wooden fuselage painted in primer only, had been trundled out onto the muddy aerodrome in the early afternoon and the engine test run again before the historic first flight which lasted for 20 minutes. Captain de Havilland reported on landing that apart from an indication of fluctuating engine revolutions, all appeared to be as well as expected. The carburettor main jet was changed again in a further effort to increase the richness and following a satisfactory ground check, the Captain took off with Hubert Broad in the front seat. They landed 15 minutes later and the aeroplane was put away."

Today, in England, in a bitterly cold northerly wind which brought snow flurries, de Havilland Moths flew in celebration.

Today, Tuesday 22 February 2005, is 80 years on.

Happy birthday de Havilland Moths.

23rd Feb 2005, 08:32
Where was MOTF with his camera?

How lovely. However cold I'm sure you enjoyed yourselves, well done for celebrating the anniversary.

Cheers, H

23rd Feb 2005, 11:18
Where was MOTF with his camera

If MOTF had been asked MOTF would have been there.

vintage ATCO
23rd Feb 2005, 13:47
Oh, I wasn't there. I was sent the above by the Sec of the Moth Club. Thought it was nice.