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27th Jan 2002, 23:32
The article below was taken from the Bournemouth Echo website (www.thisisbournemouth.co.uk)

NO-frills airline Ryanair's next new route out of Bournemouth is most likely to be an Italian destination.

Ryanair - which launches flights from Bournemouth to Frankfurt Hahn on February 14 - already has its eye on the next new route.

Corporate accounts manager Mr Kell Ryan said: "We are looking are 30 airports in Europe but Italy will probably be next." That could be as early as 2003 as Ryanair takes delivery of more aircraft.

Ryanair already flies to a series of Italian destinations from Stansted, Frankfurt and Brussels - Venice, Milan, Turin, Pisa, Genoa, Verona, Forli, Ancona, Pescara and Alghero (Sardinia).

On Thursday the budget airline announced headline fares of £9 one way to Frankfurt Hahn. Flights will be in a new Boeing 737-800, capacity 189 passengers.

Securing a route to Europe's banking capital Frankfurt is a major success for Bournemouth International Airport.

Not only is Frankfurt a vitally important business destination in its own right, but Hahn (a former US fighter base) opens up continental Europe to Bournemouth with a series of transfer flight opportunities.

Ryanair alone flies from Frankfurt Hahn to destinations including Oslo, Milan, Pisa, Pescara, Montpellier and Perpignan.

Ryanair's first route from Bournemouth International Airport to Dublin has been a major success, carrying more than 80,000 people per year.

"We're delighted with Bournemouth. The area here is amazing. There are so many attractions and a lively nightclub scene," said Kell Ryan, brother of Ryanair founder, Tony Ryan.

LTN man
28th Jan 2002, 00:48
I wouldn’t believe what you read in your local paper. According to the front page of our local rag Ryanair are quoted as saying that “ 1000 new jobs are going to be created at Luton because of the 100 aircraft order”. The paper then goes on to mention that Ryanair already serve Glasgow, Dublin, Brussels, Gothenburg, Frankfurt and Stockholm from Luton. And there was I thinking that Dublin was Ryanair’s only Luton route.

28th Jan 2002, 01:43
I think it is unlikely BOH will be made an FR base with aircraft stationed there. I do however think that BOH will see a few more European destinations in its timetable - flown by FR. These destinations will be the various bases around Europe, that FR will open over the next couple of years. So actually, it is the other way round: BOH won't be made a base but will be a destination from the other bases that will open.

29th Jan 2002, 04:45
[quote]Securing a route to Europe's banking capital Frankfurt is a major success for Bournemouth International Airport.<hr></blockquote>

If Hahn (HHN) is Frankfurt, then surely Manchester (MAN) can claim to be London's fifth airport (London-Manchester).

And please, FlyingIrishLeprechaun, no need to add your bit about Hahn being a 'Franfurt designated airport'. Who cares. Hahn just isn't Frankfurt. Just as Manston-Calais will never be London, if you get my drift.

PS. Any news on how Peel Holdings are getting on with London-Finningley ? :) :) :)