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11th Feb 2005, 15:20
Hi Guys
Just looking for some advice regarding possible business/hour building oppurtunity that i potentially have or as the case may be,haven't!
I am just about to finish JAR ATPL theory and convert FAA CPL/IR.Then like many others in the same boat as myself,have what seems to be the slightly daunting task of getting my first job.Through several professional contacts of mine built up over the last few years i have a network of people/businesses who regularly need to charter aircraft to France,channel islands,holland.In fact i am presently organising a charter for 2 people to fly to rotterdam and return a few hours later for the end of march from Bristol or Cardiff airport.
In a few months time i will have a JAR CPL/IR myself,and this would seem like a great oppurtunity to build hours,and potential business oppurtunity by hiring the aircraft myself. I'm sure that this is not that simple and probably requires me to obtain an AOC etc.If i were to do this i would need to do a type rating on a king air or similar.
This said,i realise that this may possibly incurr a huge amount of cost which after the last few years of flight training i cannot feasibly justify at the moment.
I i were to go to a charter operator who i had passed business to would this have any clout in getting me a job in the right hand seat,or are these type of operations single pilot?????
Questions,questions!!O.k i'll stop now,but any advice from anybody in the know would be greatly appreciated.

12th Feb 2005, 00:50
As I understand it, it is a private flight if THEY hire/lease the aircraft and then EMPLOY you to fly "THEIR" aircraft.

If you provide the whole package, then you'll be needing an AOC. And of course, you'll be needing 800hrs TT to opperate SPIFR.

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