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tall and tasty
7th Feb 2005, 13:27
Oh my

Just found out tomorrow is the best day of the year if you love pancakes and boy do my little ones love flipping them.

So lets have some fun.

What is your fav toppings
How do you flip them in the pan
or do you cheat and buy premade?

I love them with lemon and maple syrup
Kids love jam and peanutbutter with Bananas not sure but they eat them or Ice cream and chocolate sauce

I flip them and if the kids help have the pre made on standby depending on how many we loose to the floor,ceiling, brothers head or where ever :{

Have fun

TnT :ok:

7th Feb 2005, 13:33
Bought a nice new nonstick frying pan from Ikea yesterday in readiness (2 quid - I kid you not).

Plain and simple with sugar and lemon juice for me. :ok:

7th Feb 2005, 14:10
Try Lemon Curd,
When you get them off the ceiling, wall, floor, away from the dog etc etc.
It tastes quite good with all the dog hairs and gritty bits.

7th Feb 2005, 14:15
Golden Treacle - mouth's watering at the thought

:{ Sh!t I'm on a diet!

7th Feb 2005, 14:21
Oh, I love pancakes. Flip them properly in your nice non-stick pan. It helps to be really co-ordinated I find, hence so many of mine end up on the floor, dog, fridge, sink, etc Always make far too much mix in readiness!

Top with lemon juice and sugar. Or maple syrup. YUMMY :D :D

phoenix son
7th Feb 2005, 14:23
might sound a bit silly this, but how do I make the pancake mix?

Been cooking since I was about 15, but never tried making pancakes, might as well give it a go...

Any offers folks?

7th Feb 2005, 14:23
Lemon and sugar for me please or my second favourite is maple syrup and ice cream.


7th Feb 2005, 14:29
Blue Diamond

Try this...

Delia's recipe (http://www.deliaonline.com/recipes/r_0000000803.asp)

7th Feb 2005, 15:09
Every pancake day, we resolve to make pancakes at other times during the year as they're great. Every year, we never quite get round to it and thus it's always a pleasure when this day rolls around again.

For me, simply pancakes, lemon juice and proper brown sugar.



7th Feb 2005, 15:36
Mrs 1DC tells me that she saw an advert on the telly last night for ready made pancakes, same mob who make the ready made Yorkshire chappatties!!!

Send Clowns
7th Feb 2005, 15:43
Favourite toppings? How can anyone think of any more than lemon and sugar on the pancake tomorrow?

OK, I admit that in the fine restaurant in Cambridge that specialised in such things (Hobbs Pavilion; does anyone know if it still there, on Parker's Piece?) I much enjoyed dark chocolate with home-made ginger ice cream, but surely Shrove Tuesday tradition dictates the delicious juice of real lemons with sugar just to take off the bitter edge?

Lon More
7th Feb 2005, 15:47
Yum Yum. Old Christian way of finishing up the goodies before Lent.

The Dutch often make them with bacon; personal favourite is bacon and stewed apple, 'tho fresh squeezed orange/lemon/lime juice is nice.

On a diet this year so giving it a miss

Standard Noise
7th Feb 2005, 16:31
With maple syrup, properly smoked streaky bacon and a fluffy pile of scrambled eggs.

7th Feb 2005, 17:58
Standard Noise,
Sorry, you have been mis-led by a common language problem.
An American/Canadian Pancake is 4" in diameter and up to half an inch thick and is eaten at Breakfast.
A British pancake is 8 - 12" in diameter, one eighth of an inch thick (or less), crispy at the edges and is eaten more or less straight from the pan at tea time on Shrove Tuesday thereby ruining dinner the same day. The traditional additions are caster sugar and lemon juice sprinkled on the surface before the pancake is rolled up and eaten in the fingers or from a plate with a fork if you are posh.
Cointreau, flamed works well, too.

Mike W

tall and tasty
7th Feb 2005, 18:03

thanks Skylark4 I forgot that there are those who see the pancake like that but I am sure even the thin Crepe would be tasty with those toppings, my youngest would agree!

Thanks for the flamed had one full of soft fruit and flamed with a cointreau at a friend's house with dusting of icing sugar mmmmmmmmmm



Solid Rust Twotter
7th Feb 2005, 18:15
Cinnamon, brown sugar and a squeeze of lemon. A little lemon zest in the batter makes a huge difference as well. Serve two or three still hot and rolled up with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top.


Flour, melted butter, eggs, milk, pinch of salt, lemon zest.:ok:

one ball
7th Feb 2005, 18:21
oh yes, me too please!!!

Why not? I, too, enjoy a good crepe first thing in the morning.

surely not
7th Feb 2005, 18:45
Ahhh Shrove Tuesday, a day that all tossers look forward to :D

7th Feb 2005, 22:56
We love them so much (home made variety that is) that we had them instead of Christmas pudding - Xmas 2004.

8th Feb 2005, 02:51
Rosalina cooks pancakes for breakfast every Monday, so I had mine yesterday as usual. I usually have them with honey, but you can't beat a topping of Tate & Lyles Golden Syrup in my opinion.

"Out of the strong came forth sweetness"

8th Feb 2005, 04:28
We eat them all year, after dinner or late supper, sugar, lemon, jam, maple syrup, ice cream, nuts, fruit and cream but my favourite is crepes suzette, ornge juice, lemon zest and a little lemon juice, Cointreau, brandy, sugar, flame.

Feeton Terrafirma
8th Feb 2005, 06:29
There is a restaurant in Melbourne who thinks today is THE best day of the year. It's called the Pancake Parlour (http://www.pancakeparlour.com/Annual_Events/annual_events.html)

Standard Noise
8th Feb 2005, 12:12
Skylark 4 - Yep, I know the difference between them, but coming from Belfast, we call the little 4" diameter thick ones 'drop scones'. We don't care what they're called, we'll still eat them.
However, on a day such as today, we will still make up some batter and eat them as we please. My preferred option no matter the diameter (why does size always come into it?) is with maple syrup, smoked streaky bacon and scrambled egg. Us Ulstermen don't give much of a stuff for convention or your odd english ideas, not when there's pancakes of indeterminate size and thickness to be eaten.

As for Cointreau, as I said, 'odd english ideas'.:yuk:

tall and tasty
8th Feb 2005, 12:39
Standard Noise

As for Cointeau, as I said, 'odd english ideas'

The liquid is poured over the pancake and then set alight in very much the same wasy as over the Christmas puds

It is very tasty honest


8th Feb 2005, 13:12

:hmm: liar liar granny pants on fire.

8th Feb 2005, 13:18
Why oh why does it have to be the same day as Slimmers World.

Can guarantee Mrs Candoo will return with a no fat variety which will be as about as tasty as a used dishcloth!

8th Feb 2005, 13:25
Chopped fresh strawberries, loads of whipped creamand melted chocolate and someone to eat it with, but using just one fork ;)

8th Feb 2005, 13:44
One of my neighbours thought Shrove Tuesday was......er last Sunday!

Standard Noise
8th Feb 2005, 14:43
t&t I must admit to not being a fan of pouring alcohol over food and lighting it, be it pancakes or xmas pud, I just don't see the point. Still, each to their own.
I prefer a glass of Black Bush myself rather than Cointreau. Sipped slowly, not set alight. After the pancakes, naturally.;)

8th Feb 2005, 14:43
made a yummy discovery last year...
you can buy tins of ready made fruit pie filling......
Black cherry filling with a dollop of cornish ice cream... mmmmmmm

good ol lemon and sugar is nice too tho :)

8th Feb 2005, 16:51
Bit of a pain to do but to keep it really traditional, as is the way in our gaff, we save the Christmas decorations holly, branches from Christmas tree and use these to make a fire over which we cook the pancakes.

Makes it kind of special.

Must admit I do not give up anything for Lent, which this whole ritual is meant to precede.

A small drop of Caol Ila over a traditional pancake with the faint smell of pine, on a cold frosty night - is one of the small pleasures in life to be savoured.


Burnt Fishtrousers
8th Feb 2005, 17:20
The Fishette decided its Mexican Chilli and Taccos tonight we have both forgotten its pancake day today ..bu**er! still whilst theres milk, flour, sugar and lemon at home a change of plan me thinks..

tall and tasty
8th Feb 2005, 18:11
Glad this thread had uses as well as just fav ways of eating them


8th Feb 2005, 19:41
Eat 'em with almost any topping :cool:

8th Feb 2005, 19:59
Burnt fishtrousers
It's Mexican night in Chez Max too, must be a Tuesday thing (fahjitas).
Lemon and sugar for me too. Would have Golden Syrup on them, if anyone can tell me how to get the feckin lid off of the can I bought last year:\

Lon More
8th Feb 2005, 20:12
Maxman simply put the tin in the sink, with the plug in. Then pour boiling water over it. You should be able to remove the lid with a screwdriver then

tall and tasty
8th Feb 2005, 20:53

Good advice from Lon More but careful if the tin gets really hot you will end up with scalding syrup on you!

Best thing to do is use the blunt end of a teaspoon and run it around the lip of the lid after heating the spoon slightly and holding the spoon in a tea towel so you don't burn your hands

Hope it helps


tony draper
8th Feb 2005, 21:05
One hopes you have all been Shriven today?.
Or is it shroved?

8th Feb 2005, 21:23
here you go (http://www.tradamis.co.uk/easter.htm)

Err new perspective?

tony draper
8th Feb 2005, 22:21
Ah yes, item on the local news re local Shrovetide five hundred a side footy matches, very ancient traditions, not as lively as they used to be though, no beheading or disembowlings, in fact no fatallities at all this year, turned into a right sissy game now it has.

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