View Full Version : do you have "Air Enthusiast" no.81 - May/June '99??

4th Feb 2005, 12:29
I am trying to obtain a copy of an article on aero-isoclinic wings used on the Shorts SB.1 and SB.4 which appeared in Air Enthusiast no.81 (May/June 1999).
I have already tried contacting the publisher but they are out of stock of this issue.

If anyone has a copy of this Air Enthusiast issue could they please pm me as i would like a photocopy of the article of the article in question. :ok:

Has anyone any other ideas about where i might source the article apart from the magazine publishers?

thanks in advance

5th Feb 2005, 05:40
The British Library keeps a microfiche copy of every UK newspaper, magazine, book, comic published. I would suppose they'll print off a copy for a fee.